China News Service, Xilin Gol, June 15 (Reporter Zhang Linhu) A reporter learned from the People’s Procuratorate of Xilinhot City, Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, on the 15th that Wang Moumou and others were suspected of opening casinos, gambling, and helping information cybercrime activities. Prosecute in accordance with the law.

  In December 2019, Chen surrendered to the public security organs, claiming that he had gambled on the "Full House Lottery" gambling website and lost all more than 15 million yuan.

In response, the Public Security Bureau of Xilin Gol League quickly established a "12.27" task force to investigate the case. The task force went to Manila, Fujian, Guangdong and other places in the Philippines to investigate and collect evidence, obtained back-end data from the gambling website server, and identified the management personnel and personnel of overseas gambling websites. The flow of funds has arrested 34 suspects.

  It is reported that from April 2017 to January 2020, the fugitive suspect Su Moujia and others leased office space in Manila, Makati and Las Pinas, Philippines, and established a gambling company under the license of a Philippine gambling company. .

The company opened more than 40 gambling websites in Manila, Philippines, including "Mantang Cai" (Gold Mantang), "Sports Lottery", "Big Brother Lottery", "Netease Lottery", "Peanut Entertainment" "5 million" and "Phoenix International". Including bank transfer, Alipay, WeChat payment, bank card payment, QQ wallet, third-party recharge, fourth-party recharge, etc.

  The gambling company has departments such as front-end promotion, back-office, personnel, finance, and administration. The organization has a clear division of labor, and under the cover of corporate operation, through high fixed wages, the defendant Wang Moumou and others are employed in the "full house" through different channels. Different gambling sites such as "Big Brother Lottery" are engaged in front-office promotion, back-office customer service, personnel, and finance. The reward and punishment system is strict. During this period, the Internet, WeChat, QQ and other methods are used to induce and solicit mainland Chinese citizens to use the Internet and mobile apps to conduct online gambling. Illegal profits of more than 250 million yuan.

  After verification, the "Full House" gambling site used control of profitable funds, purchased company accounts and personal bank accounts, and third-party payment company accounts. The profitable funds were dispersed and concealed, and part of the funds flowed into the relevant capital account of the website controller. Investigations Authorities have frozen 170 accounts involved in the case, frozen and seized more than 170 million yuan of funds involved in the case, and seized many properties and vehicles.