Bonaire will work together with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to reduce single-use plastic,

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The island is the last island in the Caribbean Netherlands that will tackle the problem of single-use plastic.

In 2018, the Island Council of Bonaire adopted a motion to ban certain types of single-use plastic.

At the time, outgoing State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven was one of the signatories of a declaration of intent to implement the motion.

WWF and Bonaire are starting their initiative with an awareness campaign to reduce the use of single-use plastic among the islanders.

The island council will soon consider a government decision to ban the supply of such plastic.

St Eustatius banned single-use plastic in April this year.

Saba did that in January.

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Edison Rijna, the highest administrator on Bonaire since 2014, is amazed at the large amount of waste on the island that has been in the top of best diving destinations for years.

"Our beautiful beaches are used as ashtrays," said the politician.

Counts show that around ten thousand cigarette filters have been left behind on Te Amo Beach in recent years.