Following ANA, Japan Airlines also started inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine in the workplace on the 14th, and Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Akabane visited Haneda Airport to observe the inoculation of the two companies.

Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Akabane visited Terminal 1 of Haneda Airport on the morning of the 14th and inspected the venue for ANA's occupational inoculation that started on the 13th and Japan Airlines' occupational inoculation that started on the 14th.

Of these, Japan Airlines, which started vaccination on the 14th, set up four booths at the venue, and four nurses and others performed vaccination.

On the 14th, international flight pilots, flight attendants, and mechanics were targeted, so the employees lined up at the booth were inoculated after hearing about their physical condition.

Japan Airlines will receive 190 people on the 14th, and ANA will receive a total of 100 people.

Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Akabane told reporters, "We have been promoting the early start of vaccination from the viewpoint of border measures. I hope that the international flight crew members will be able to work with peace of mind."

Yamaguchi Small-scale business establishments and other target group inoculation initiatives

In order to accelerate the vaccination of the new coronavirus, Hikari City, Yamaguchi Prefecture will start its own mass vaccination for small businesses from next month, and started accepting it from the 14th.

Hikari City's unique mass inoculation is targeted at restaurants and businesses with five or more employees.

Compared to the government's decision to start inoculation of occupational areas from companies with a scale of 1000 or more, it is also targeted at small businesses, and at the reception that started on the 14th, 41 at 10 am There was an application.

Pfizer's vaccine supplied to the city is used for inoculation, and if you have an inoculation ticket, commuters from outside the city can also be inoculated.

In addition to receiving vaccinations at medical institutions in the city, we would like to dispatch doctors and nurses to business establishments with 50 or more employees if desired.

By the 12th, more than 78% of the elderly aged 65 and over had received at least one vaccination in Hikari City, and we would like to accelerate the vaccination by targeting new establishments.

Takahisa Manji, chief of the Hikari City Commerce and Tourism Division, said, "I would like you to apply positively in order to proceed with the vaccination as soon as possible. ..

Chief Cabinet Secretary "Advance ahead of schedule, etc."

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said at a press conference in the morning, "Because of the nature of our duties, it is inevitable that the crew members who are indispensable for the operation of international flights will travel overseas frequently, so from the perspective of border measures, as soon as possible. It is believed that vaccination should proceed. Occupational vaccination can be started from the 21st of this month, but it will be carried out ahead of schedule due to the preparation situation. "

He added, "It is expected that active efforts will be made in occupational inoculation, and through this, the overall inoculation will be further accelerated."