When she managed to "get stuck" - in her own words - on Michael Jackson's world tour in the late 1980s, Sheryl Crow did not expect to have one of the most painful experiences of her life. life.

The artist, who was 25 when she asked the King of Pop if she could accompany him on the artist's first world solo tour, for his album


, revealed that she had been victim of sexual harassment.

Not from Michael Jackson himself, but from his manager at the time, Franck DiLeo.

“Naivety is such a beautiful thing.

It was amazing in every sense of the word for a young person from a very small town to see the world and work with arguably the biggest pop star, but I also had a crash course on the industry of the music.

It's really interesting to go back and revisit some of that old stuff and the experiences that come with it, and then compare it to what we are today, ”she told The



The #MeToo of music is long overdue

The artist explains having been, on several occasions, harassed by Frank DiLeo, who threatened to put an end to her career if she refused his advances or if she publicly revealed her actions. At the time of the



, many tabloids had published articles revealing an alleged affair between Michael Jackson and his "sexy backing vocalist", who was actually a Sheryl Crow at the very beginning of his career. The rumor even wanted that the interpreter of

Black or White

offered him $ 2 million to agree to be the mother of his child. If she does not confirm the information, however, Sheryl Crow reveals in her autobiography in the form of an audiobook,

Music + Words.

, that she thinks Frank DiLeo himself was behind all these rumors.

And that he had broadcast them "to make people believe that Michael was interested in women."

“Being able to bring this stuff to the long period of sexual harassment that I endured on Michael Jackson's tour and talk about it right in the middle of the # MeToo movement… I feel like we've come a long way, but I do not feel that we are really at the end, ”she added.

Frank DiLeo died in 2011, two years after Michael Jackson.



Sheryl Crow Doesn't Defend Michael Jackson Against Abuse Charges

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