[Explanation] On June 14, Guangzhou City held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control. Gu Zhongpeng, deputy director of the Guangzhou Education Bureau, announced at the meeting that in accordance with the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, Guangzhou City has decided to set the original schedule from June 20 to 22. The 2021 high school entrance examination is postponed to July, and the specific examination time after the postponement will be comprehensively judged according to the epidemic situation.

  [Explanation] Gu Zhongpeng introduced the reason for the postponement of the high school entrance examination at the meeting.

He said that the number of high school entrance examination schools in Guangzhou is large and the number of candidates is large. Day students account for about 63%, which may increase the risk of spread of the epidemic and cross-infection.

  [Concurrent] Gu Zhongpeng, Deputy Director of Guangzhou Education Bureau

  The prevention and control of the epidemic still cannot tolerate carelessness and relaxation.

The number of candidates for the upcoming 2021 high school entrance examination is large, exceeding 90,000, of which day students are the majority, accounting for about 63%; there are many junior high schools involved.

Due to the limitations of school buildings and other hardware, most junior high schools do not have the conditions for centralized management of living on campus, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of closed management and group meals for examinees and examination staff.

At the same time, 156 test sites need to correspond to 491 junior high schools, which is equivalent to arranging three to four junior high school students for each test site to take the test. It is inevitable that students will gather and overlap between different schools.

Therefore, holding the senior high school entrance examination under the current situation may increase the risk of spread of the epidemic and cross-infection.

Appropriate postponement of the high school entrance examination time will help reduce the risk of spread of the epidemic caused by the high school entrance examination and benefit the overall situation of the city's epidemic prevention and control.

  [Explanation] He Yong, principal of Guangzhou Zhixin Middle School, believes that coping with change is part of life growth.

He hopes that candidates can make good use of this time to check for deficiencies.

At the same time, the school will do its utmost to help guide students and parents to prepare and organize the high school entrance examination.

  [Concurrent] He Yong, Principal of Guangzhou Zhixin Middle School

  In the process of growing up in life, coping with changes is what we have to endure and part of our growth.

Because this change is not for one person, because it is for the whole, it should be said that it is the same for every examinee.

So what we have to do is how to make good use of the time and opportunity of exam preparation to do our own exam preparation work under the premise of change.

There are also individual students who live in a medium-to-high-risk area, or are in a closed zone, and some students are in close or sub-closed connections. Now there is no way to go back to school. We will arrange online lectures by the school. The students at home are synchronized with school classmates of.

  [Explanation] The eve of the senior high school entrance examination is a period of high incidence of psychological fluctuations in candidates.

Faced with the postponement of the high school entrance examination, how can candidates and their parents adjust their mentality?

Dr. Mu Yan, an expert in psychology supervision of the pre-examination guidance group of the Guangzhou Education Research Institute, said that the psychological fluctuations of candidates mainly come from comparison with others and the resulting psychological impact.

What candidates need most is to calm themselves down.

  [Concurrent] Mu Yan, Ph.D., psychology supervisor expert and Ph.D., pre-exam guidance group of Guangzhou Education Research Institute

  During the period before the exam, in addition to the knowledge reserve and review, the most important question every candidate needs to answer is how should I calm myself down.

Regardless of the changes in the environment we face, we always have no change in the preparations we need to prepare for the exam in our hearts. We must always use the knowledge we have already mastered to apply it to solve the current problems problem.

From this perspective, no matter what the final test result is, as long as we can really do our best and put in our own efforts, then this test will be a success for our life experience.

  Reporter He Junjie from Guangzhou

Editor in charge: [Zhang Kaixin]