Blue Origin, Space X, Virgin Galactic: the private sector takes on space

This illustration provided by Blue Origin shows the capsule the company wants to take to space with tourists.


By: Clémentine Pawlotsky

2 min

It is a world first.

On July 20, the American billionaire Jeff Bezos, boss of Amazon, will inaugurate the first space tourism flight of his company Blue Origin.

He will be accompanied by his brother and the lucky winner of the auction for the third seat.

A ticket sold for 28 million dollars.

This trip comes as competition rages between Blue Origin, the Space X group led by Elon Musk and Virgin Galactic founded by Richard Branson.


Why are these private companies betting on the conquest of space?

Can space tourism be democratized or will it remain reserved for a wealthy elite? 

With our guest Xavier Pascot, director of the Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS), specialist in space issues, author of the book The new space age: from the Cold War to New Space (CNRS editions). 


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