Francis Lalanne does not budge: according to the singer, it is essential to ask the question of the vaccine, after the heart attack of which Christian Eriksen, the player of the Danish football team, suffered on Saturday evening.

And while the artist's reaction has been denounced almost unanimously on social networks (apart from some of his followers), the interpreter of

On Se Retrouvera is

sticking to his positions.

"Don't you find it surprising that no media is questioning #Ericksen's discomfort if it wasn't the 'vaccine'?

What silence!

What an omerta!

What a lack of curiosity when they manage to last two days on a burnt trash can!

#Omerta # Euro2021 #masks #IHU, ”he wrote on Twitter, amid dozens of posts, all sent one after the other since the start of the day.

He also accuses Inter Milan, the club in which the sportsman evolves, of hiding the truth: “How can @ InterMilan cover the media lie about the vaccination of #Ericksen?

A total lack of respect for your supporters!

Why was the information erased on all media sites overnight?


Inter Milan sporting director Giuseppe Marotta, however, said on Sunday that Christian Eriksen did not have Covid-19, and that he had not been vaccinated either, according to Reuters.

Always further

Francis Lalanne's social networking frenzy obviously did not stop there, since he then went on to accuse Twitter of not "certifying" his account to muzzle him.

"By not certifying the accounts of opponents who disturb, they control who can or cannot oppose them officially," said the star in another message, before threatening those who insult him with legal proceedings.

"Are you aware that we are currently putting together a procedural file on all the accounts that insulted me?"

Over a thousand accounts listed!

You are now entering this procedure, "he replies to an Internet user, also accusing La République en Marche of" hiding behind "these insulting accounts.

In the disorder, the singer / poet / opponent / yellow vest has attacked, since the start of the day, legal institutions, Big Pharma, linked according to him to the current search at the IHU in Marseille, Eric Naulleau, apparently not angry enough with Olivier Duhamel, on the “left”, or even with the masks.


"Quotidien" reacts to comments made by Francis Lalanne in "TPMP"

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