[Commentary] On the evening of June 13th, during the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival, the movie "Rage: Serious Case" was held in Shanghai.

Film producer and lead starring actor Donnie Yen and lead starring actor Nicholas Tse attended the event to share the highlights and behind-the-scenes stories of this cop action blockbuster.

  As Donnie Yen's first return to actual combat after bidding farewell to the "Ip Man" series, the action scenes in the "Rage: Serious Case" film are also quite "hardcore", and there are only five core battles.

Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse face off between the police and the robbers in the play, and the interaction between the two outside the play is full of cuteness.

Nicholas Tse said at the press conference that Donnie Yen is his idol and he is very eager to be "beaten" by Donnie Yen.

  [Concurrent] Actor Nicholas Tse

  I haven't made an action movie in the past few years. In fact, I have been itching. I have been itchy hands and legs. I am even more excited to know that it is Dan Ge. In fact, we don't have many rivals in "October Siege".

In fact, from "Dragon Tiger Gate" (beginning), I think I have learned a lot from Dan, plus I really was when I was a child, and he is my idol now, and I have watched all his movies, and I have imitated many different plots.

  [Commentary] According to the introduction, the ultimate showdown in the film is quite exciting. Not only did Yen Zidan and Nicholas Tse fight melee, but in the high-density play, more than 5 weapons were changed one after another.

One of the scenes where two people used batons and butterfly knives against each other also reminded people of the classic scene of "Slaying the Wolf" where Yen Zidan and Wu Jing used batons and short knives to fight on the street.

Donnie Yen joked that he felt like Nicholas Tse was "possessed" by Wu Jing when filming this scene, and he was very capable of fighting.

  [Concurrent] Actor Donnie Yen

  He is more powerful, he said that Wu Jing took a knife, I took two knives, I was more powerful than him.

I hope to find a goal that allows me to challenge myself and surpass myself. At the same time, I can also pay tribute to Wu Jing, because the scene is indeed very brilliant for both of us.

I filmed with Nicholas along the way. After a week of filming, after watching this film, I feel that I am beginning to feel confident.

Wu Jing won't laugh at you anymore, she will definitely call you and tell you that Nicholas is so awesome.

  [Commentary] It is reported that "Furious Cases" is the last film of director Chen Musheng. Since Chen Jinxing has directed more than 30 movies, he has been exploring the genre of action movies, especially the themes of police and criminals, and has been attracted by many fans. Named "King of Police Action Movies".

The death of Director Chen made many movie fans sad that Hong Kong-made action films had lost a "golden sign".

  At the event site, Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse also recalled the behind-the-scenes filming with Director Chen and the bit by bit they had met with Director Chen over the years.

  [Concurrent] Actor Donnie Yen

  He said it was very painful. He had undergone chemotherapy several times, but his mental state, from his tone of voice, and his mouth did not leave the movie. He always talked to me and said that the scene, the scene, and the point were like this. It is the kind of spirit, the kind of spirit that is worth learning.

  [Concurrent] Actor Nicholas Tse

  I have been filming "Special Police New Human" with him since I was 19, so I have worked with director Chen Musheng about 6 to 7 movies, so he is not only a director in my eyes, he is a teacher of mine.

He is a real craftsman in our film industry.

  [Commentary] In the last big group photo session, everyone also cherished the memory of Director Chen in a special way.

The "C position" of the group photo is a director's chair with a board kicker on it to commemorate the director who has devoted his life to the movie.

  Reporter Xu Yinkang Yuzhan reports from Shanghai

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]