The website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission reported 127 cases before the Dragon Boat Festival to dig deep into the four winds of invisible mutation

  During the Dragon Boat Festival, the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels adhere to the main tone of strictness, be true and strict, dare to be strict, and be strict in management, strengthen supervision and inspection, conduct open and unannounced visits, guard important nodes, strengthen notification and exposure, and work effectively and effectively. Measures are taken to prevent rebound resurgence, prevent invisible mutation, and prevent fatigue and war exhaustion, and continue to consolidate and deepen the achievements of work style construction.

  Data shows that as of 18:00 on June 13, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission had reported and exposed 127 typical cases of violation of the spirit of the eight central regulations before the Dragon Boat Festival, with hedonism and extravagance accounting for the largest proportion.

Correcting the "four winds" has a long way to go, and it will rebound if you relax

  Judging from the types of reported issues, three types of issues, namely, illegal collection and delivery of valuable special products and gifts, illegal eating and drinking, illegal granting of subsidies or welfare, accounted for 29.9%, 25.1%, and 10.2% of the total number of hedonism and luxury issues investigated and dealt with.

  After combing through the cases, it is found that these typical problems recurring and changing in form.

For example, some do not directly accept cash red envelopes, and evolve into WeChat transfers; some use official cars with over-standard equipment by splitting the car price; some use thematic party day activities to travel on public funds.

  In the notification, all localities will strictly deal with those who have not corrected repeated teachings and are of bad nature in accordance with regulations, disciplines and laws.

Zhang Xiaolin, former deputy director of Zhangjiachuan County Culture, Radio, Film and Television Bureau and former director of the Tourism Bureau of Tianshui City, Gansu Province, was given a severe warning from the party in 2015 for violating disciplines and laws. As the deputy chief clerk.

During the period affected by the disciplinary action, Zhang Xiaolin has repeatedly accepted banquets and entertainment activities arranged by the management service target, and received gifts and gifts 4 times.

In July last year, Zhang Xiaolin was expelled from the party and government affairs, and was demoted to a second-level officer.

  There are also individual party members and cadres who are lucky and paralyzed themselves.

For example, Gan Lin, vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Jing'an County, Jiangxi Province, and a second-level researcher, discussed with the staff of a pictorial agency who had been invited to discuss the drafting of the album and booked a working dinner.

After the four people from the pictorial agency returned due to the incident, Gan Lin continued to lead the relevant staff in the county to dine and drink illegally, and the expenses were used to sign the bill in the name of the county CPPCC.

In February of this year, Gan Lin was punished by the government with a warning.

  Some party members and cadres who were supposed to set examples for their relatives first touched the red line of discipline.

For example, Jin Gaobo, the former secretary, executive director, and manager of the Party branch of Shanxi Coking Coal Yuncheng Salt Chemical Machinery Company, reimbursed 3,400 yuan for train tickets, lodging fees, and fuel costs that should be borne by his relatives.

Feng Zanxiang, a third-level investigator in Yueyanglou District, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, appointed the restaurant operated by his brother as a reception and dining place during his tenure as the executive deputy commander of the Linyue Expressway and Menghua Railway Project Headquarters, and repeatedly arranged official receptions in violation of regulations.

Feng Zanxiang received a warning from the party.

  Style building is always on the road.

Discipline inspection and supervision agencies insist on exercising discipline with an iron fist, brave swords, and intensify the use of party discipline and government sanctions, organizational processing, or organizational adjustments, so as to really hit the pain points and achieve practical results, so that those who are lucky enough to lose their illusions, those who pretend to be sleepy wake up, and the onlookers remember. Avoid fear.

Violation of rules and disciplines put on "invisibility cloak"

  The reporter noticed that in the reported cases, the phenomenon of wearing "invisibility cloaks" for violations of regulations and disciplines by means of fiction is more serious, and the problem of invisible "four winds" is growing.

  Some use false reports on the canteen’s procurement of ingredients to eat and drink with public funds or receive illegal receptions.

The Xinfeng County Supply and Marketing Cooperative Association of Jiangxi Province reimbursed 138,000 yuan of reception expenses by purchasing ingredients in the unit canteen without an official reception letter, no reception approval form, and no reception list.

He also purchased 2,516 yuan of wine and water for official receptions by making a false report on the canteen’s purchase of ingredients.

As the party secretary and director of the unit, Li Xiang assumed the main leadership responsibility for the above-mentioned issues.

In March of this year, Li Xiang was severely warned and punished by the party.

  Some give gifts with public funds in violation of regulations in the name of business entertainment.

In February of this year, Fu Xianhui, member of the Standing Committee of the Yuehu District Committee of Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province, and deputy district governor of the district government, Fu Xianhui mentioned that he had served as the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security when Gui Xitian, director of the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, arranged to report to the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department The deputy director of the office would like to send some souvenirs to old colleagues by the way.

Gui Xitian stated that the above-mentioned expenses were paid by the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Fu Xianhui acquiesced in agreement.

When the gift moved into the office building, it was discovered on the spot by the unannounced interview team.

The two were warned and punished by the party.

  Some paid allowances and subsidies in violation of regulations by signing false employment contracts and falsely reporting workloads.

Li Yanhong, deputy captain of the coal mine safety inspection team in Xingshan District, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province, arbitrarily decided to falsely report the number of entry into the well, and the 19 people of the unit illegally issued the entry fee and allowance of 7325 yuan for the misuse of the meal.

In December last year, Robin Li was punished by the government with a warning and related expenses were ordered to be refunded.

  These problems reflect the fact that a small number of party members and cadres have failed to converge, do not perform their duties and do not perform their duties, and encourage unhealthy practices and bad habits. They have been severely dealt with. The lessons are very profound.

  In-depth analysis to find the crux of the problem, to promote the source governance of system governance

  On the whole, the spread of the "four winds" has been effectively contained, but the "pathogens" have not been eradicated, and the correction of the "four winds" is still on the way. It is necessary to hold back the spirit of implementing the eight central regulations and insist on the integration of the "three noes". , Treat both symptoms and root causes.

  Take the problem of illegal eating and drinking as an example. Since this year, the Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has deployed a centralized rectification action on illegal eating and drinking issues throughout the province, promulgating the "ten prohibitions" disciplinary regulations, and targeted correction of illegal eating and drinking invisible mutations and bad habits.

The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection sorted out 100 clues to typical problems of the "Four Winds" and listed them for supervision, and completed all of them.

  All regions and departments in Hunan Province acted swiftly, insisted that the main responsibility and supervision responsibility resonate at the same frequency and exert their efforts in the same direction. The "top leader" took the lead to promote the rectification work to achieve practical results.

In the first 5 months, the province investigated and dealt with 150 cases of illegal eating and drinking, handled 295 people, and imposed 189 party discipline and government sanctions.

  Corruption and unhealthy trends are intertwined, and the "four winds" have become a breeding ground for corruption.

Disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies at all levels insist on the integration of punishment of corruption and correction of the "four styles", in-depth investigation and prioritization of mental problems that violate the eight central regulations in the disciplinary review work.

  The problem of work style is stubborn and repetitive, and it must be resolved not only by the promotion of the organization, but also by the supervision of the masses, focusing on giving play to the role of mass supervision.

The Commission for Discipline Inspection of Hubei Province pays close attention to key nodes such as various holidays, strengthens the use of technological and information technology, and uses online "Internet + Smart Supervision" platforms such as websites, mobile clients, and WeChat public accounts. One-click reporting, data comparison, etc., to correct the "four winds" of invisible mutations.

(Our reporter Li Lingna and Zhang Qibin)