China News Service, Xiong'an, June 13th, title: Xiong'an Busy Dragon Boat Festival: the city of the future shines from dreams into reality

  China News Agency reporter Cui Tao

  In Xiongan New District, people ushered in a busy Dragon Boat Festival.

More than 180,000 builders were sweating on the construction site and, together with the local people, witnessed that the city of the future shined from dreams into reality.

The city of the future: dreams shine into reality

  This Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Liu Miao, like other builders, did not rest.

Wearing a reflective vest, she shuttled through the hot construction site, organizing the builders to wrap rice dumplings and write blessings to family members and other activities.

  Liu Miao, who graduated from a university in Beijing in 2018, is from Anxin County, Xiong'an New District. After graduating from university, she did not stay in Beijing but returned to her hometown.

  "I want to see how my hometown is built step by step." Liu Miao said.

  Liu Miao, who had just returned to her hometown, felt very "panic" because she didn't know how to build her hometown and what it would build in the future.

  It coincided that the Xiongan New District entered a large-scale construction stage, and Liu Miao joined a central enterprise involved in the construction of Xiongan and became one of the builders of Xiongan.

One of her work is to use drones to take aerial photos of resettlement houses and Xiong’an Business Service Center and other major project changes.

  Seeing the builders around him working day and night on the front line of construction, the Xiongan New District is undergoing new changes every day. Thousands of resettlement houses in the Rongdong area have risen from the ground. Gradually, Liu Miao's heart is at ease and he is also the builders. We were moved.

  Liu Miao doesn't care if she can't rest during the Dragon Boat Festival, because she has seen the "city of the future" shine from dreams into reality.

Dream Water Village: Looking for Childhood Dreams

  In Xiqianjie Village, Duancun Town, Anxin County, Xiong’an New District, Liu Ying, who had just finished the affairs of the village committee, returned home and took out the reed leaves and rushes picked in Baiyangdian in advance, and quickly packed the glutinous rice and rice with the reed leaves. The jujubes are bound with cattail, and the zongzi is wrapped up one by one.

  Baiyangdian Lake, located in Xiong'an New District, is called the "Kidney of North China", and more than 80% of its waters are located in Anxin County.

Xiqianjie Village is a water village near Baiyangdian Lake.

  "The reed leaves and rushes in Baiyangdian are clean, hygienic, and tenacious. They are most suitable for wrapping zongzi. The wrapped zongzi has a unique fragrance." In Liu Ying's view, these are the unique "gifts" that Baiyangdian gives people during the Dragon Boat Festival.

  As the largest freshwater wetland system in the North China Plain, Baiyangdian is known as the "Pearl of North China" and has been known for its rich products and beautiful scenery since ancient times.

  Recalling Baiyangdian as a child, Liu Ying grew up in Dianbian and fell into deep thought.

"When I was young, the water in Baiyang Lake was clear and bright, and the scenery was beautiful. The water in the lake was even drunk."

  However, with the over-exploitation of groundwater, the rise of industries in surrounding cities and towns, the direct drainage of domestic sewage, and the random disposal of garbage, Baiyangdian once fell into a vicious circle of dry lake and pollution, and lost its former style.

  Since the establishment of the Xiongan New District, Liu Ying, a member of the village committee, has been busy to inspect Baiyangdian, clean up sewage outlets, clean up water garbage, and clean up fish cages. Most of the work is related to Baiyangdian.

  "After the establishment of the new district, we have strengthened the governance of Baiyangdian and the water villages. Take our village as an example, domestic sewage enters the sewage treatment plant, the domestic garbage is produced daily, and every household uses natural gas. Now Baiyangdian has a large amount of water. The water quality has improved, and there are more and more aquatic plants and wild birds." Liu Ying said.

  According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China, the water quality of Baiyangdian in 2020 will continue to improve year-on-year, and the water quality in the lake center will be Grade IV, of which four months are Grade III, reaching the best level in ten years.

  The clear dream of the water town in her childhood has been lingering in Liu Ying's mind, and now her dream is gradually coming true.

In her spare time, she often uses her mobile phone to take pictures of the beautiful scenery in Baiyangdian and post them on social platforms.

"I hope more people understand Baiyangdian, guard Baiyangdian, and find the water town in their dreams." (End)