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  • Self-tanning creams, foams and waters for a beautiful, expressive tan

Undoubtedly, almost all women like to be brown and that a tanned face scores points, as it is usually more attractive.

But the risks of sunbathing, with its

UVA and UVB radiation,

make many renounce it and cover themselves with hats (and even umbrellas) so that not a ray reaches them.

For the latter

, self-tanners

came to their aid a long time ago


which at first were not to everyone's taste, as they used to provide a rather ugly orange color, were corrosive and smelled quite regular (because of one of its components,


or dihydroaxketone).

Nowadays, however, practically all the brands on the market have developed them by improving their formulation, so that they have already become a good solution to be dark without seeing the sun, and that they provide other extras, such as good hydration.

There are those that are only sold

in pharmacies.

To next, some of them:

Auto-bronzant hydratant sublimateur cream, by Nuxe

Auto-bronzant hydratant sublimateur cream, de Nuxe, tanning and softness.

This product, which leaves a soft touch on the skin, should be applied evenly every day until the desired tanned tone is achieved.

Then it is best to space the frequency of use.

Wash your hands well after each application.

You can buy it here for 20.45 euros

Self-tanning spray photoderm by Bioderma

Photoderm self tanning spray, from Bioderma, to obtain a good tan and maintain it.

It comes with a specific user manual: at the beginning, it should be applied once a day for three days;

then once every two days.

Later, when you want to maintain your tan, it is best to extend it once a week.

You can buy it here for 18.35 euros

Self-tanning gel gelée délice, by Polysianes

Gelée délice self-tanning gel, by Polysianes, also moisturizing.

Conceived to provide a uniform tan all over the body throughout the year, its results are noticeable just one hour after applying it.

It is suitable for all skin types, and it also has moisturizing power.

You can buy it here for 20.28 euros

Self Tanning Fresh Water by Comodynes

Self Tanning Fresh Water, by Comodynes, moisturizing.

Self-tanning and hydrating water, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, with visible results after three hours.

It does not stain or transfer to clothing.

They recommend six pulsations on the face.

You can buy it here for 23.55 euros

Autobronzant hydratant, by Avène

Autobronzant hydratant, from Avène, antioxidant and moisturizer.

Antioxidant and moisturizing, it is recommended for sensitive skin, to which it gives a uniform, natural and luminous tone.

You can buy it here for 14.70 euros, with a discount of 8%

Idéal Soleil, by Vichy

Idéal Soleil, from Vichy, with vitamin E.

Vitamin E, presented in its formulation, preserves the naturalness of the tan, which is noticeable only one hour after having applied it.

It also has a moisturizing function.

It is recommended to use it two to four times a week, depending on the desired result.

You can buy it here for 17.12 euros

Anthelios Xl Crème Teintée, from La Roche-Posay

Anthelios Xl Crème Teintée, from La Roche-Posay, protects, hydrates and evens the tone.

A BB protective cream with the highest filter to always keep the quality of your skin perfect while unifying the tone with a touch of very natural color.

Protects, hydrates and evens the complexion in one step, but remember that when you remove make-up, its tanning effect is gone.

You can buy it here for 15.50 euros

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