In his previous seasons, he scored more than a billion views from around the world

“Al-Duhaih” returns to its viewers from the “New Media” portal

The episodes of the new season of “Al-Daheeh” present scientific concepts, historical facts and philosophical theories in a fun and entertaining way.

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The New Media Academy, the first academy in the field of digital media in the Middle East, announced its cooperation with the well-known Arab content maker, Ahmed Al-Ghandour, “Al-Daheeh” to produce a new season of creative content for his program, which he presents in a fun educational framework, and tops the lists of digital content. Most viewed in the Arab region.

The cooperation between the Academy and the content maker, who is followed by millions, especially from the youth category, achieves the completion of two weekly episodes of “Al-Duhaih”, and it was shown on its platforms on “YouTube” and “Facebook”, its first episodes were shown the day before yesterday.

The episodes of the new season of “Al-Duha” present scientific concepts, historical facts, and philosophical and literary theories in a fun entertaining manner that entertains the viewer and communicates information and ideas in a smart and simplified way, as presented by Al-Ghandour, who is currently pursuing a master’s degree after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in applied sciences, according to the principle of simplifying science , or what is known as the concept of science in general.

Over the past few years, Al-Ghandour has become one of the most followed Arab content creators, thanks to his distinctive style of simplifying ideas and presenting them smoothly. More than 4.5 million people follow his accounts on social media.

During the "Arab Youth Pioneers" event, which it held as part of the World Government Summit in Dubai in 2018, the name of the Egyptian content creator Ahmed Al-Ghandour was included in the list of "Arab Youth Pioneers", which celebrates the achievements of Arab youth who have achieved Positive and influential in Arab societies.

close to people

The Executive Director of the New Media Academy, Rashid Al-Awadi, said: “At the New Media Academy, we are working with the stars of the content industry, to expand their presence not only at the national and Arab levels, but also internationally, in order to enrich Arab content, which needs efforts and initiatives to support production, creativity and creators.” .

Al-Awadi confirmed that the New Media Academy, within a year of launching qualitative initiatives and programs, contributed to empowering the Arab content industry, upgrading its creative production, and creating more spacious spaces for presenting distinctive innovative ideas, placing the production of the new season of “Al Duha” episodes in this context.

Al-Awadi added: “For years, this content has been close to people, providing them with information and entertainment as well.

Today, at the New Media Academy, we support the continuation of providing this entertaining and useful content at the same time, in a different new season, so that its positive impact with a smile and knowledge reaches millions in the Arab region and the world.”

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