Running Man said goodbye to Lee Kwang-soo.

In SBS 'Running Man' broadcast on the 13th, Running Man was drawn to see off Lee Kwang-soo.

On this day's broadcast, the members solved the problem related to Lee Kwang-soo. In particular, Yoo Jae-suk answered the quiz to guess Lee Kwang-soo's father's name at once, and Lee Kwang-soo suddenly burst into tears.

And Lee Kwang-soo surprised everyone when he repeatedly succeeded in choosing a boiled egg as a gift. In the last mission, 'My Last Mister', Lee Kwang-soo succeeded with his first sword. Both the members and the production team were greatly embarrassed by this, and Lee Kwang-soo was also surprised that he felt goosebumps.

The production team said, "I don't think viewers will believe it," and Yang Se-chan scoffed, "Don't go. Just don't go." With only 12 minutes left for the race to end, all of Lee Kwang-soo's sentences were commuted.

And now it's really time to say goodbye to Lee Kwang-soo. Each member wrote the story they wanted to tell in the letter.

Lee Kwang-soo shed tears after reading the members' letters. Ji Suk-jin showed his affection to Lee Kwang-soo, saying, "See you for a lifetime, let's go forever. Even if it's not Running Man, we're family."

And Yoo Jae-seok said, "I feel very empty and sad without you, but don't worry about us and do everything you want to do. See you often, Kwang-soo. Call often if there is anything. Thank you, Kwang-soo. I wasn't bored because of you." .

In addition, Kim Jong-guk also presented a portrait of Lee Kwang-soo, drawn by himself, saying, "I think that I am Kwang-soo who will be with me for the last time more than anyone else. We can't be together in Running Man, but let's go together for the rest of our lives. Always be healthy, my child." .

Haha said, "Because Kwangsoo has done his best and showed extreme hard work, I think many viewers are saddened and saddened together. I love you. I will pray that the dream you want to shine and achieve wherever you are, will come true." Toy's 'Hot Goodbye' I sang a song and said goodbye to Lee Kwang-soo brightly and happily.

Song Ji-hyo said goodbye to Lee Kwang-soo with his down-to-earth simplicity. However, after the recording was over, he wrote a letter containing his sincerity and showed his sincerity to Lee Kwang-soo.

Jeon So-min and Yang Se-chan, the younger brothers who followed Lee Kwang-soo more than anyone else. Jeon So-min said, "I'll be well guarded. Come play with Running Man anytime. We'll be waiting for you." And Yang Se-chan said, "After recording, we talked a lot on the phone every day, but now I can't. I'll miss you a lot." What I want to do in a world without penalties in the future I did it all." And he sang Jung Jae-wook's 'Goodbye' and greeted the precious Lee Kwang-soo.

And the last story Lee Kwang-soo told was revealed. Thank you so much for making me feel like family. And sorry. Sorry again. I'm sorry again." He burst into tears.

Lee Kwang-soo showed his affection for Running Man until the end, saying, "I haven't slept well for 11 years, but I did my best every week. I ask for more love and interest in Running Man, who did his best every week without taking out anyone. Thank you." . And he greeted everyone by selecting 015B's 'Goodbye' as the last application ball.

After all missions, the hidden mission results of the day were revealed. In the mission to take a lot of pictures with Kwang-soo, if you get 1st place, you will receive the gift that Kwang-soo Lee won, and if you are the last, you will be punished. However, the result of this mission drew attention as everyone shared a tie for the championship.

However, in fact, this was the result of the success of Lee Kwang-soo's last hidden mission. Lee Kwang-soo, who bought gifts for the members before leaving. The gift that Lee Kwang-soo obtained on this day was not a gift from Lee Kwang-soo, but a gift he prepared himself for the members. The production team had prepared a hidden mission for Lee Kwang-soo, who was worried about how to deliver the gift.

In response, Lee Kwang-soo worked harder than ever on the mission to deliver the gift he had prepared for all the members to win 1st place. And the gift he had prepared was revealed. A clutch bag for Ji Suk-jin who likes clutch bags, a hoodie that Yoo Jae-suk likes, clothes from a brand Haha likes, champagne that So-min likes to drink, a bedding set for Ji-hyo who likes to sleep, and Jong-guk Kim who enjoys watching TV at home. To Sechan, a sound bar for music, he presented a picture he wanted to buy before, creating a warm atmosphere.

The production team also revealed a gift for Lee Kwang-soo. A pure gold name tag engraved with the phrase “It’s okay to walk instead of running now, our special brother Lee Kwang-soo”, a rolling paper with messages from all 112 staff members, a photo album made with photos taken with the members who spent the whole day together, as well as a speaker and coffee car ticket , Running Man appearance free pass attracted attention.

And Lee Kwang-soo really said hello to the viewers last. He bowed his head, saying, "I was so thankful and happy. Thank you." In addition, Yoo Jae-suk expressed his heart to Lee Kwang-soo and viewers as the representative, saying, "I can't express my empty feelings, but the viewers will feel the same. Even after Kwang-soo leaves, we will run hard. Thank you very much, our Kwang-soo for being with us, and we were happy."

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jeong)