• This week and the following week, it is and will be very, very hot in France.

  • While life resumes its course during the deconfinements, the French are adapting to these excessive temperatures.

  • You have entrusted us with your best strategies to less endure this intense heat.

The beginning of June is hot, very hot, and it is set to last. Next week, it will be up to 33 ° C in Paris, 31 in Marseille, 34 in Montpellier and Lyon. Scorching temperatures that will put the French, and their perspiration, to the test. But friends of sweat, iced teas and halos, you have entrusted us with your best ploys to survive these intense days as well as possible.

Starting with being well equipped.

We obviously think of deodorant (and pity, think of it too), but also more specialized tools.

“I invested in an air conditioner two years ago and it has been working every summer so my apartment is cool.

Obviously I don't open the shutters either.

For work, loose clothing and a fan, ”says Stéphanie, 35 years old.

And if you find it well equipped, wait until you see Laura, 28: “My house has a swimming pool, and thanks to the coronavirus, I can telecommute.



isn't coping with me, so I'll take a couple of quick swims when it's too hot.

And yes, we are not all equal when it comes to heat waves.

Safe at home

While not everyone owns Laura's pool, telecommuting and staying at home are popular actions. “My days will be simple. The children will be dropped off at school in the morning, then have my usual coffee, come home, turn on the air conditioning and do some telecommuting, ”Rahal, 30, is already planning. Even without air conditioning, this is also the plan of Dimitri, 29: “I close the shutters, I live in the dark and I am warm in silence. But it keeps me from sweating and stinking in front of my colleagues at work. And then, I'm not yet fully vaccinated, so that forces me to respect social distancing ”, and Marine, 23,“ I'm going to stay in my room with the fan, the shutters a little closed and the window open because I can't stand the heat. Hydrate as best I can and we'll see. "

For others, on the contrary, it is the face-to-face that is essential in these particular conditions: “Ok, that means an hour in public transport to die for hot.

But then, it's eight hours of air conditioning in the office, and all without paying!

As much to take advantage of the return to the face-to-face, it is timely, ”enthuses Romain, 31 years old.

Adapt your schedules

Adaptation can also take the form of hourly changes.

For example, Romain has planned to change the time of his jogging.

“I get up very early in the morning when it's not too hot yet and I'm going to run there, so as not to die.

In the evening, with my friends, we will meet more at the bar at 9 p.m. than at 6 p.m., in order to avoid the heat.


There are also those for whom this heat was on the contrary expected.

Like Stéphane, 36 years old: "I have been waiting for the sunny days for several weeks, it will be mower, barbecue, and DIY in the shade at the hottest hours with a small beer", to which we will remind all the same that beer does not. is not the best to hydrate under high heat and it is better to prefer the good old water bottle.

Enjoy the heat

Far from our wise advice, Julien, 23, has also made a whole alcoholic program: “Is it hot?

But the terraces are open, the university is over and it's the Euro, so it will be cold beers on the terrace in front of the matches with the friends ”(we remind you, we are not all equal when it comes to the heat).

But like him, many vacationing students are very happy with the weather.

"Did you have the gray weather in May?"

The weather is finally nice and warm, we'll take advantage of it.

People are never happy… ”, grumbles Aline, 26 years old.

"Yes it's going to be hot, but we're going on vacation to the beach!"

So I prefer three degrees too much than three degrees less, ”she said to herself.

Heat, really not the same problem for everyone.


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