China News Service, Xinzhou, June 13 (Reporter Li Tingyao and Yang Jieying) On the evening of June 12, the reporter learned from the site headquarters of the "6·10" flooding accident at Dahongcai Iron Mine, Dai County, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province. By 22:00 on the 12th, There are 4 drainage channels at the accident site, forming the maximum drainage capacity. The vertical height of the water level has dropped by 6.5 meters, and the water level has advanced nearly 100 meters.

  On the afternoon of June 12, the headquarters sent multiple technical personnel into the well to survey the well, accurately grasp the actual situation of the well, timely optimize the drainage plan, and strengthen the front-line rescue force.

  At present, in accordance with the progress of drainage work, the headquarters has studied and formulated plans for rescue personnel from the well.

Life detection equipment and medical staff are on standby to treat the trapped people at any time.

  On June 10, a water leakage accident occurred in the No. 4 shaft of Dahongcai Iron Mine in Nieying Town, Dai County, and 13 people were trapped.