A place has just become available in the cast of

The Call of the Stork


This week, France Télévisions announced the shooting of a new telefilm dedicated to surrogacy (Surrogacy), freely inspired by the testimonies collected by Marc-Olivier Fogiel in his book

What is she has my family?

However, the general manager of BFMTV noted a shadow on the board when he learned that Véronique Genest was to appear in fiction.

“So this is the best!

I just learned it !

It was Michèle Bernier who was to play, he commented on Twitter.

Obviously, the budget must be comfortable so that Véronique Genest (who after having said horrors) goes to soup!

Yum yum!

Yuck ”.

Her reaction echoes a message posted by the actress three years ago on Twitter.

At the time of the release of Marc-Olivier Fogiel's book, the one who slipped into the skin of Julie Lescaut for 22 years had grieved: "In twenty years, the children will say:" Say papa, who c 'is mom? Why did she sell me? "


"It seems wiser to me"

His presence in the casting of a TV movie based on the book by the former host of

We can't please everyone

was astonishing but the strong reactions quickly made things happen. Stéphane Sitbon Gomez, director of antennas and programs for France Televisions, informed our colleagues from


that Véronique Genest had been excluded from the shoot. "It seems wiser to me," commented Marc-Olivier Fogiel on his Twitter account.

On filming in Bordeaux and Escoussans until July 3,

The call of the stork

"chooses to prioritize the intimacy and the fight of two couples - one gay, the other straight - having nothing in common. , if not their deep desire to start a family, ”according to a press release from France Televisions.

Sofia Essaïdi, Malik Zidi, Benjamin Siksou and Roby Schinasi will respond.


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