Regarding the national special natural monument, the Ministry of the Environment has decided to release birds in Honshu after 2026, five years later, with the aim of establishing it in areas other than Sado City, Niigata Prefecture, which is promoting efforts to return to the wild. It was.

Crested ibis used to inhabit almost all of Japan, but temporarily disappeared from the natural world due to overfishing and other efforts, and artificial breeding and release of birds have been promoted in Sado City, Niigata Prefecture.

As a result, the number of wildlife on Sado Island is increasing year by year, and it is estimated that it has increased to 442 as of the end of last year.

On the other hand, even if the colonization progresses only on Sado Island, the number may decrease at once due to the spread of the disease, so the Ministry of the Environment said that it is necessary to promote efforts to return to the wild in multiple places, and after 2026 We have decided to release birds in Honshu as well.

Toki born in Sado City often fly to Honshu, but it has not been established so far, so it will be the first time that birds are actually released in Honshu.

As for the place to release birds, we have decided to select an area that is willing to accept, but the specific selection method has not been decided.

The Ministry of the Environment will proceed with preparations such as improving the habitat as soon as the area is decided.