According to China Weather Network News, today (June 13) the temperature in Beijing will remain at a relatively high level during the day. The maximum temperature will reach 35°C. The body feels sultry. The blue warning for high temperature is still in effect. Thunderstorms are coming in the afternoon, local There may be wind and hail, and the public should take precautions.

Tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival, and there will still be thunderstorms in Beijing. Under the "pressure" of rain, the maximum temperature will drop to 29°C.

  Yesterday, Beijing ushered in the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in the "hot". At 15:05, the highest temperature in the southern suburbs observatory reached 36.4°C. At night, the wind in the city was relatively low, and the temperature in the southern suburbs observatory was still close to 30°C, making it unbearable.

  The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that from this morning to daytime it will turn cloudy and cloudy with thunderstorms, there will be light fog in the morning, northerly winds will turn from second to south winds at third or fourth, and gusts will be about sixth, with a maximum temperature of 35°C; thunderstorms at night will turn cloudy and south to northerly. The minimum temperature is 23℃.

  On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, the rain "extinguished" the high temperature.

It is expected that tomorrow will be overcast to thunderstorms in Beijing during the daytime, north to south breeze of second and third level, and the highest temperature is 29℃; at night, thunderstorms will turn overcast in most areas, south to north breeze to first or second level, and the lowest temperature is 23℃.

  Meteorological experts reminded that the temperature in Beijing today is high and the body feels sultry. The public should take care to prevent heatstroke and cool down and add water in time.

Thunderstorms are frequent during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. The public is advised to pay attention to nowcasting and early warning, and try to avoid going out during periods of high convective weather.