China News Service, Kunming, June 12 (Reporter Hu Yuanhang) A reporter from Yunnan Province moved northward from Yunnan Province on the 12th to the Provincial Headquarters for the Safety and Precaution of Asian Elephant Groups. Roundabout activities in a small area in Shijie Township.

The single elephant was out of the group for 7 days. At 17:40 on June 11, it left Anning City, moved 6.15 kilometers south, and entered Jinning District, 14.3 kilometers away from the elephant group. The elephants were safe.

  Continuous rainfall at the site poses a risk of geological disasters, and difficulties in traffic diversion, safety precautions, and monitoring deployment.

  The provincial headquarters organizes member units of the on-site headquarters to work with relevant departments to jointly study elephant group monitoring and early warning, and power safety guarantees.

Organize an expert group to convene a working meeting to scientifically study and judge the migration dynamics of the elephant population, coordinate and guide the relevant municipalities to formulate work plans, and promote the protection and safety of Asian elephants in an orderly manner to ensure the safety of the elephants.

  The field headquarters of Yimen County, Jinning District, and Anning City invested a total of 1,336 emergency response personnel and police personnel on the same day, dispatched 341 muck trucks, 58 engineering vehicles, 202 emergency vehicles, and 18 drones, and evacuated 947 people. Households, 3548 people, fed 2 tons of elephant food and 2 barrels of salt water to supplement the food supply of Asian elephants.