Snail powder rice dumplings, stinky tofu rice dumplings, ear root rice dumplings, durian rice dumplings...

Do you want to try these "Zong" flavors?

  As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, the sales of zongzi have entered a peak period, and various flavors of zongzi have been put on the shelves by merchants.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter noted that in addition to traditional zongzi such as pork zong, egg yolk meat zong, bean paste zong, and candied date zongzi, many new flavors of zongzi have also become new choices for consumers.

  On the morning of June 12th, a reporter from Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News came to a Hema fresh supermarket. In the zongzi area, red beans, candied dates, egg yolks, fresh meat and other flavors of zongzi are available. The price of these zongzi ranges from a few yuan to a few dozen. Yuan, several hundred yuan per box.

In addition to traditional zongzi, there are also peculiar zongzi such as snail powder zongzi and Zheergen zongzi on sale.

  The reporter noticed that the remaining individual dumplings are only wrapped in zong leaves, and the snail powder zongzi is packaged in a plastic airtight bag outside the zong leaves.

The package reads "Smelly Locked Bag", and there is also a food note: "It has a strong taste, please pay attention before unpacking."

The staff in the store told reporters that the snail noodles dumplings consist of sour bamboo shoots, capers, yuba and other snail noodles stuffing, and there is also snail noodles soup as a seasoning to restore the taste of snail noodles.

  Zheergen Zongzi is also a controversial new flavor that has attracted the attention of many people.

The staff told reporters that this is a zongzi flavor specially created for Sichuanese. “The pickled peppers commonly eaten by Sichuanese are fused with Zheergen to cover up the fishy smell and highlight the unique fragrance of Zheergen."

  Regarding the sales of these two types of rice dumplings, the staff told reporters with a smile that Zheergen rice dumplings are very popular, with only more than 20 left and they are being restocked.

"The snail noodle dumplings are not as good as Zheergen Zongzi. They may have a heavier taste and a limited audience."

  Wufangzhai also launched a zongzi gift box this year, containing spicy snail noodles, durian and stinky tofu flavors. The surface of the gift box also has the words "keep your distance" and "really fragrant warning" written on the surface.

On the product introduction page, the introduction of snail noodle dumplings is "Smelly hits the soul"; the introduction of stinky tofu dumplings is "Smelly far and near, don't have a smell"; the introduction of durian dumplings is "Unstoppable smell, sweet and sweet taste buds" Experience".

  The page shows that the gift box sells more than 600 copies per month.

In the product review area, consumers have also commented on the "smelly smell": "The smell of stinky tofu is really strong"; "The smell of durian and snail powder is really great"; "Smelly tofu dumplings are recommended to be tasted in the office, and the effect is Pull the crowd"...

  Some merchants have introduced plant-based meat dumplings.

Plant meat mainly uses plant protein extracted from soybeans, peas, wheat and other crops as raw materials. Through special processes, it has the texture and mouthfeel of animal meat products, and is close to real meat in flavor and mouthfeel.

The reporter noticed that compared with traditional meat dumplings, the sales of vegetable meat dumplings are not high.

  In addition, there are crayfish rice dumplings, chocolate dirty rice dumplings, ice cream rice dumplings and other flavors of rice dumplings.

The reporter saw in a Yuanzu food store that Yuanzu had launched ice cream dumplings, with glutinous rice wrappers wrapped in ice cream with different fruit flavors, bringing a different zongzi experience.

The store’s staff told reporters that all flavors of zongzi are very popular. “The store’s zongzi has been sold out and can’t be bought now.”

  Everything can be dumplings?

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon, what have you eaten this year that impresses you with special flavor dumplings?

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Reporter Peng Jing