China News Service, Shiyan, June 13 (Hu Chuanlin, Ma Furong) A reporter learned from Shiyan City, Hubei Province on the 13th that an on-site rescue and rescue headquarters has been established in Shiyan. There are 8 working groups.

  The eight working groups are the comprehensive group, the on-site rescue group, the wounded treatment group, the safety and stability group, the accident investigation group, the network public opinion group, the logistics support group, and the dangerous building identification group.

  It is also reported that in order to coordinate the news and information release of the 6.13 accident in Zhangwan District, the "6.13 Accident Emergency News Center in Zhangwan District" was specially established, located on the third floor of the Shiyan Media Center.

  At 6:30 on the 13th, a gas explosion occurred in Yanhu Community, Zhangwan District, Shiyan City, causing many people to be trapped.

Currently, the local area is organizing rescue.

Cause of the accident is being investigated.