Of which 34,000 dirhams are fees for the university and the schools of his four children

"Abu Haitham" is unable to manage 82,000 dirhams in school and rental arrears

(Abu Haitham) is unable to pay 82,000 dirhams to meet the conditions of his life, including arrears of university fees for his eldest son (Haitham), and the university administration demands him to pay 10,000 dirhams, in addition to school arrears for his four children, and the school administration demands them to pay 24,000 dirhams, and he has accumulated arrears His rent for two years amounted to 48 thousand dirhams, and the owner of the house filed a lawsuit against him, and he was threatened with imprisonment, and his family consists of 10 members, so he appeals to good people and people of compassionate hearts to help him face these difficult circumstances he is going through.

Abu Haitham works as a truck driver for a private company in Sharjah, and two years ago his salary was reduced to 3000 dirhams.

(Abu Haitham) told "Emirates Today": "My financial situation worsened very much after my salary was reduced two years ago, as I was managing my life with difficulty, but I am now in great financial distress, because of which I was unable to pay the university and school fees for my children, which amounted to 34,000 dirhams. She asked for help from several charitable organizations, but to no avail.

And he continued, "I was also unable to pay 48,000 dirhams of the rent that was late two years ago for the apartment in which I reside with my family, and I asked the owner of the house to look at our situation with mercy, and give me, but now he filed a rent lawsuit against me in court, and in case I did not pay, I will go to prison.”

He added: "I work as a truck driver in one of the private companies in Sharjah, and I was receiving a salary of 5,000 dirhams, before it was reduced to 3,000 dirhams, and I do not know how to get out of this predicament, and I appeal to the merciful and philanthropic people to help me pay so that my children continue their educational journey, and pay the rental arrears. So I don't go to jail.

Abu Haitham's salary was reduced to 3000 dirhams two years ago, and his family consists of 10 members.