Despite the loss of Formula 1 rights, Ziggo Sport wants to continue with the Formula 1 Café program next season.

The channel wants to keep the regular faces, Rob Kamphues, Robert Doornbos and Tom Coronel.

That says Ziggo Sport boss Will Moerer in an interview with the



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Moerer is not afraid that the new rights holder Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT) will steal the trio.

"All three have promised to talk to us first if they are approached," he says.

"I don't necessarily have to have them exclusive either. I can imagine that they are in our cafe on Friday and Monday and do the live broadcast for NENT on Sunday."

Last month it was announced that the Dutch F1 rights will go to NENT.

As a result, the Grand Prix races can only be viewed from 2022 via the streaming service of Viaplay.

According to Moerer, such a high amount was deposited that Ziggo could no longer afford it. It would be more than 100 million euros. "I do not rule out that that is correct. Our second offer was more than ten times as much as we paid in the first year (2013, ed.). We have gone up considerably, but at some point it stops somewhere."

A nightmare for Ziggo Sport, especially because the rights of the American basketball league NBA were also lost. "That loss hurts," Moerer admits. He will retire in September. "The loss of Formula 1 rights will, well how to say, remain a stain on my blazon. Ziggo Sport will be a little bit ahead, but this channel will absolutely survive. The channel has name recognition and a chock full of rights portfolio. The channel is rock solid, I'm proud of that."