Recently, the man Luo refused to show his identity document when he was getting on the train at Suzhou Park Station. He not only broke through the ticket gate despite the persuasion of the railway staff, but also punched, bitten and insulted the police and staff who came to deal with him.

In the end, Luo was detained by the Shanghai Railway Police in accordance with the law on suspicion of assaulting the police.

  The public video picture of Suzhou Industrial Park Station shows: At 14:00 on June 4, when the man Luo was on the train he was on, he walked directly to the manual ticket gate and showed the QR code to the staff.

Facing the staff's request for "presenting an ID card," Luo thought it was deliberately making things difficult, and tried to break into the ticket gate directly.

Upon seeing this, the staff immediately stepped forward to stop him, but was pushed to the ground vigorously by Luo and walked straight off the platform.

Then the police went to deal with it.

  In the face of the police, Luo not only did not show his ID card, but also insulted the staff. The police then summoned him to the police station for investigation according to law. However, Luo became more agitated and "touched the porcelain" with his body before lying down on the ground. .

  After the police advised him, Luo suddenly forcibly boarded the car on the grounds that he was unwell. The police stopped him from compulsively summoning him to no avail. Luo suddenly threw his right fist at the police, causing him to fall to the ground and bite aside. The arm of a railway worker.

Later Luo was subdued by the police.

  It is reported that Luo has been in a bad mood recently due to family chores and work pressure. After misunderstanding that the railway staff intends to oppose him, negative emotions broke out for a while, and he did a series of irrational actions.

At present, Luo Mou has been criminally detained by the Shanghai Railway Police on suspicion of assaulting the police, and the case is being further processed.

(Produced by Xu Mingrui and Liu Shaojie Zhou Jing)

Editor in charge: [Ye Pan]