Following the death of Ei-ichi Negishi, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 11 years ago after discovering a new chemical synthesis method that connects organic compounds, in Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture, where he is home, there are voices regretting Mr. Negishi. It was done.

Mr. Negishi, who spent his time in Yamato City from the sixth grade of elementary school to graduating from university, has been awarded the title of Honorary Citizen, and the road in front of Minamirinma Station on the local Odakyu Enoshima Line is named "Yamato Negishi Dori".

Following the death of Mr. Negishi, there were regrettable voices from the local community.

Asahi Tamaru (92), a former chairman of the local town planning council who was involved in the naming of the street, said, "I am proud of the area that some people have won the Nobel Prize from such a small town, so I would like to express my condolences. I was talking.

Also, Kimihiro Ishikawa (87), who was a classmate at Yamato Junior High School and Kanagawa Prefectural Shonan High School, said, "I remembered that when I was a junior high school student, I played a catch ball together and shared a sweet potato. He was us. I'm so happy to have been in my life, and now sadness and pride are coming at the same time. "

Both won the Nobel Prize Akira Suzuki "Very lonely"

Akira Suzuki, an emeritus professor at Hokkaido University who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the death of Mr. Negishi, said, "I have been friends with Mr. Negishi for 50 years and often talked about each other's research. I recently sent an email. However, I was worried about what happened because I didn't get a reply. I was very surprised to hear the news and I am very lonely. "