On the 12th, at the Guangzhou epidemic prevention and control press conference, Chen Bin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, said that in order to quickly and safely promote vaccination work, appointment channels will be added, the number allocation period will be optimized, and the “residence” appointment will be increased. Continuously optimize and improve the vaccination workflow.

  At present, in addition to individual online appointment channels, various districts in Guangzhou will gradually arrange the second dose of vaccination based on various forms such as telephone appointments, WeChat appointments, or group appointments organized by the neighborhood committees of streets and towns.

  The Guangzhou health and health department upgraded the software and hardware of the appointment system, but there were still stalls and congestion during the peak period, which caused certain difficulties in the appointment work.

In the next step, Guangzhou will further standardize the number allocation period of each district and adopt a centralized number allocation mode every day to reduce network congestion.

  In order to meet the actual needs of the general public that the second dose of vaccination can continue to be reserved in the first dose vaccination area, but also in the area where they live, Guangzhou will accelerate the upgrade of the "Guangzhou Health Pass" new crown virus vaccine reservation system in the near future, adding " "Residence" reservation function.

  As of 24:00 on June 11, Guangzhou had inoculated a total of 14.4 million doses and 10.61 million people, of which 3.8 million had completed two doses.

  Chen Bin reminded the citizens of Guangzhou that the epidemic has not passed, prevention and control cannot be paralyzed, and that the vaccination must be successfully made an appointment before going there, so as to avoid crowds gathering and increase the risk of spreading infection.

(Headquarters reporter Chen Huiting, Xu Dawei and Wu Suibin)