Is Patrick Chirac going to make a new reservation at the Flots Blues campsite?

Obviously, it will not be for this summer.

In an interview with RTL during the program

On remake TV

, Franck Dubosc was asked about the future of


, whose last part of the saga came out in 2016. “Not right away.

I don't know, ”replied the actor about a possible return.

According to him, the death of Claude Brasseur compromises the shooting of a sequel to the three feature films.

“There is a huge part of


which left with Claude.

I do not know if it deserves.

Without him, it's the impression of running with one leg less, it has less flavor for me, but also for the public, ”said Franck Dubosc.

"I'm not saying no because you never know, but for now, it's really not in my head," adds the actor, who will be in theaters from June 30 in

The sense of family


"So, aren't we expecting grandpa?"


The comedian also specifies that he has "less desire" to embody the character of Patrick Chirac, who has lost its flavor over the years.

Released fifteen years ago in the cinema, the first installment of


featured this inveterate flirty, unable to find stability in his personal life.

“In the first episode, he was 40 years old.

He was younger than now.

I'm going to have to do the same character but a little older, ”regrets Franck Dubosc.

"It will come or it will not come, I do not give myself time.

It must not come to 75 [years], concludes the actor.

At the risk that his cult line will become "So, are we not expecting grandpa?"

In the next installment.


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