On June 12, the 2021 "Flower Blossoms and Fengtai" Dragon Boat Festival Cultural Garden Party opened in the Garden Expo.

The garden fair is divided into two major activity sections, online and offline. Among them, 17 sub-events and 10 theatrical performances are held offline, allowing visitors to enjoy flowers, folk customs, intangible cultural heritage, and performances during the Dragon Boat Festival.

  June 12th is the 2021 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. It is reported that this event will feature intangible cultural heritage performances, showcasing Beijing diabolo, Taiping drums, dragon dances, stilts and other characteristic intangible cultural heritage performances.

In terms of Dragon Boat Festival folk custom experience, special areas such as Mulan soup, realgar painting, noodle maker, Chinese classic building brick DIY, colorful rope DIY, etc. are set up to provide handicraft experience and game space for traditional culture lovers, national tide lovers, and garden visitors. .

  In addition, in order to help the Winter Olympics, this event also built a Winter Olympics theme space, laid exhibition boards to popularize Winter Olympics knowledge, and conducted fun interactions.

(Xu Jing produced Zhou Jing)

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]