Sixty million doses of


against the




have been declared unusable after last March's lab Baltimore (USA) which were manufactured, mix the compounds of these doses with





According to the authorities, they never left the factory to be distributed.

The data of the coronavirus in Spain

Total figures

: 3,733,600 confirmed coronavirus cases with diagnostic test for active infection;

There have been 80,501 deaths with a positive test as of June 11.

  • 598,947 in Andalusia (9,975 dead)

  • 125,490 in Aragon (3,530 dead)

  • 52,979 in Asturias (1,972 dead)

  • 60,884 in the Balearic Islands (840 dead)

  • 57,808 in the Canary Islands (781 dead)

  • 30,588 in Cantabria (566 dead)

  • 194,727 in Castilla-La Mancha (5,977 dead)

  • 233,366 in Castilla y León (6,904 dead)

  • 629,718 in Catalonia (14,691 dead)

  • 5,957 in Ceuta (116 dead)

  • 396,689 in the Valencian Community (7,404 dead)

  • 76,421 in Extremadura (1,805 dead)

  • 127,925 in Galicia (2,415 dead)

  • 723,206 in Madrid (15,378 dead)

  • 9,201 in Melilla (97 dead)

  • 113,680 in Murcia (1,604 dead)

  • 63,087 in Navarra (1,178 dead)

  • 201,518 in the Basque Country (4,493 dead)

  • 31,409 in La Rioja (775 dead)


Millions of doses of Janssen coronavirus vaccine produced in the US declared unusable

"Several lots" of vaccine


against the


manufactured at a plant in Baltimore whose production had to stop several weeks must be ruled on Friday health officials said the



According to the

New York Times

, this decision affects about 60 million doses.

In March, control tests revealed that 15 million doses of


vaccine had been wasted

at this facility managed by the

Emergent BioSolutions

partner company


In addition to the Janssen vaccine, the


vaccine was also manufactured


Products that were included in the composition of the second were mistakenly mixed with the first, causing the contamination of those 15 million doses and making them unusable.

They never left the factory to be distributed, authorities said at the time.

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