Today (12th), the weekend, the sun is shining strongly across the country.

However, the Yeongnam coast is cloudy and it is raining, but the moving speed of these rain clouds is a bit slow, so it will rain 5~20mm in the eastern part of Yeongnam until tonight.

Also, the atmosphere is unstable, so there may be showers in the eastern inland of Honam between the afternoon and evening.

Elsewhere, it will be mostly sunny, with high UV and ozone levels during the day today.

On the Yeongnam coast where it rains, there will be thick fog until evening.

Today's daytime temperature will rise significantly and it will be hot.

31 degrees in Seoul and Daejeon and 29 degrees in Daegu are expected.

The midsummer heat will continue for the time being, and it will rain in central and Honam next Thursday and across the country on Friday.

(Meteorologist Nam Yu-jin)