• Lorde announces his return by releasing this Friday, June 11 the first sign of his next self-titled album,

    Solar Power


  • His last album,


    was released four years ago.

  • Solar Power,

     a solar album? 

Lorde finally breaks the musical void she had left since


, her last album released in 2017. The New Zealand artist has just released the first single from her eponymous third album,

Solar Power


This new title is produced by Jack Antonoff, producer in particular of the last two opus of Lana Del Rey and


of Taylor Swift.

The collaboration between artist and producer is not new.

Jack Antonoff worked on his his album 



On the beach

The title

Solar Power

gives the universe in which the New Zealand artist wishes to take us in his third LP: jam-style acoustic guitars by the fireside, aerial voices and outro choirs (in which we find the voices of artists Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo) coming to release all the energy of the song.

The video clip fits perfectly to this Edenic imagination.

Lorde is dressed in a yellow dress with golden reflections, she takes us to a bohemian beach party.

In an email sent to her fans at the time of the single's release, Lorde describes the character in her song: “There's someone I want you to meet.

Her feet are still bare.

She is sexy, playful, wild and free.

She's a modern girl in a shell bikini, in touch with her past and her future, who vibrates at the highest level when summer arrives.

Her skin is radiant, her lovers are numerous.


“The album is a celebration of the natural world, an attempt to capture the deep and transcendent feelings I experience when I am outdoors.


A solar album

The message has passed: the album will be solar.

A spirit that contrasts with the sadness that usually inhabits the singer's albums.

The release of the single

Solar Power also

coincides with the solar eclipse which took place this Thursday, June 10 in the northern hemisphere.

A few days ago, Lorde teased his return by posting a photograph on his site.

She appeared in a bikini, endless legs.

Her body hid the sun… like the moon hiding the sun.


"Choosing between the popular and the elegant, it's absurd", estimates Clara Luciani, who returns with the album "Heart"


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