The divorce proceedings between Dr.

Dre and Nicole Young will take some time, but a judge has

agreed to the musician's request that they both be officially

singled, according to

Entertainment Tonight


Nicole and Andre Young, as Dr.

Dre actually called, announced in March 2020 that they were divorcing after 24 years of marriage.

They have two adult children.

Since then, they and their lawyers have been arguing over the distribution of the wealth he has made with his music career and electronics brand Beats By Dr.

Dre built.

It would be more than 800 million dollars (about 656 million euros).

The two were married under prenuptial agreements, but Nicole claims that Dr.

Dre always told her he wouldn't put these into effect if they ever split up.

She even states in the court documents that the musician once tore up the terms in front of her.


Dre denies that.

Until the divorce is finalized, Dr.

Dre for the living expenses of his ex and her mother, plus nearly $30,000 a month in alimony.

She wanted to increase that to 2 million dollars a month, but the musician refused.

Earlier this year, he promised her a one-time extra of 2 million dollars.

It is not yet known when the lawsuit will start.