During the Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam, the C. Buddingh' Prize 2021 was awarded to the Dutch poet Wout Waanders, for his poetry debut



According to the jury, "

Parkplan is

a very consistent collection that deals with the struggle that exists, and how we try to make it a coherent whole with our daily small negotiations".

According to the jury, Waanders' work is surprising: "You do not know what to expect per poem: either it starts absurdly, and then it is about something essential such as being sick and disappearing, or it starts very seriously about how a relationship in the becomes deadlocked and eventually becomes light again."

Other contenders were the poets Schiavone, René Smeets and Dorien de Wit.

It was the 34th edition of the C. Buddingh' Prize.

25 poetry debuts were submitted.

Last year the prize went to the Flemish poet Jens Meijen.