The Youtuber Philipp Mickenbecker is dead. “Philipp passed away last night in the hospital.

We were all with him, ”said an entry that was published on Thursday evening on the Instagram account of Mickenbecker's YouTube show“ The Real Life Guys ”.

"He has had a lot of pain in the last few weeks and we are sure that he is now in a better place," it said.

Mickenbecker was therefore 23 years old.

Together with his twin brother Johannes, Mickenbecker has been running the YouTube channel “The Real Life Guys” since 2016, on which they presented self-made submarines and rocket bathtubs.

The channel of the brothers from Bickenbach near Darmstadt has 1.35 million subscribers and is closely connected to the “Life Lion” association, which confirmed the death of the Youtuber.

A terminal tumor

The Youtuber claims to have suffered from a cancerous tumor in the breast.

In October 2020, he made his diagnosis public on YouTube: The tumor was in the terminal stage, he said in a video.

His doctor gave him two weeks to two months to live.

He has had the tumor twice, said Mickenbecker.

Cancer was no longer an issue for three years.

In the video, Mickenbecker was hopeful.

After everything he's been through recently, he no longer believes in coincidences, he said.

“I believe that there really is someone who has a plan for me and my life,” Mickenbecker continued.

The Youtuber grew up as a child of "ultra strict parents" according to his own account of his book "The Real Life Story".

Actor Samuel Koch expressed his condolences on Instagram.

“Thank you Philipp!

You are my role model!

I will continue to pray as you wished;) “, wrote Koch.

The 33-year-old actor had drawn attention to Mickenbecker's cancer in October.