[Explanation] Recently, a segment of the 2021 Christie’s Hong Kong spring sale was circulated on the Internet. The female auctioneer in the video wore an elegant and dignified cheongsam. She was not hurried on the auction stage, and she spoke fluent Chinese mixed with pure authenticity. Her English fully demonstrates the intellectual, gentle and generous nature of Eastern women. Many netizens have expressed that they have been "fanned" by her, and they have also developed a keen interest in the career of auctioneers.

A few days ago, a reporter from China News Agency met this young "net celebrity" female auctioneer in Hong Kong.

  [Concurrent] Chen Liangling, Vice President Auction Officer, Christie's Hong Kong

  In fact, I was surprised that so many friends liked to watch our auction videos. After that, I thought about it and found that it was actually quite good, because I thought it could expand the auction industry and let everyone know more about it.

  [Explanation] Chen Liangling, who is now the vice president of Christie's Hong Kong and an expert in the Chinese Porcelain and Art Department, spends most of the day dealing with Chinese art.

Born in Taiwan, she liked to study Chinese culture since she was a child.

She laughed and said that the experience of visiting the National Palace Museum in Taipei with her parents as a child had paved the way for her future career.

  [Concurrent] Chen Liangling, Vice President Auction Officer, Christie's Hong Kong

  In fact, I have been interested in Chinese culture since I was young because when I was very young, my parents would take me to the Forbidden City (Taipei), so I found this very interesting when I was very young.

My mother would say this is Ding Kiln, this is Ru Kiln, and this is Mao Gong Ding.

Later, when I returned to the National Palace Museum in Taipei as a volunteer, I introduced some Chinese artworks to audiences from all over the world. I thought it was really interesting. Maybe it could be a career.

  [Commentary] Recalling the scene when she first appeared on the auction stage in 2017, Chen Liangling still remembers fresh.

  [Concurrent] Chen Liangling, Vice President Auction Officer, Christie's Hong Kong

  It was quite nervous when I really stepped on the auction stage. Then I remembered that auction, but I actually missed a whole page of the lot. Then I remembered that my colleagues laughed at the commission table, and I still remember that. Scenes.

  [Explanation] After professional study and hard training, Chen Liangling has made rapid progress. After only two years, she created a good auction record in the 2019 Christie's spring auction at a price ten times higher than the starting price.

  [Concurrent] Chen Liangling, Vice President Auction Officer, Christie's Hong Kong

  One of them is a hand scroll of Wen Zhengming's seven-character poems. I remember that it was estimated at 5 million (HK$) at the time, and then the price was quickly asked. After it reached 50 million, it was basically made by two guests. Competition, and then I felt like everyone was holding their breath in the audience, just waiting for this customer to see if we need to add another one, he added one, and we will look at another customer right away, you still have to Add it?

So the atmosphere is very tense.

The hammer price of the last handroll was 71.5 million (Hong Kong dollars).

  [Explanation] Because of the fierce bidding "famous scenes" in the auctions she presided over, Chen Liangling gradually emerged in the industry.

In her view, in addition to good professional qualities, respect for the auction and bidders is also one of the most important qualities of an auctioneer.

  [Concurrent] Chen Liangling, Vice President Auction Officer, Christie's Hong Kong

  The basic conditions of a good auctioneer, such as concentration, physical strength, and affinity are all very important.

Because when you’re on the auction stage, you really have to concentrate, because the bids may be on-site, or on the Internet, there are also telephone delegates, and my written bids. This is absolutely not to be missed, and then each The bidding ladder, I want to know what the next bid is.

But I think the most basic thing is respect, whether it is respect for the auction or for people.

With this buyer, you will have some exchanges in your eyes, and then I will confirm with him again in gestures, is it really sure not to increase the price?

So sometimes such an emotion may also be conveyed to the guests.

So this is why auctions are so attractive.

  [Explanation] In addition to part-time auctioneers, Chen Liangling is also engaged in industry observation and research. She believes that Hong Kong's auction industry has its unique advantages in local development, and Hong Kong auctioneers can also adapt to local conditions and show that they integrate things and have unique characteristics. Unique auction style.

She said that in the future, I hope that more people can understand and understand the auction industry.

  [Concurrent] Chen Liangling, Vice President Auction Officer, Christie's Hong Kong

  I think Hong Kong will still have an advantage in the future because of its geographical location and relatively convenient transportation. It has its advantages in all aspects.

And I feel like we are auctioneers, our style is actually a combination of our traditional Christie’s European and American style, and also incorporates some of the characteristics of domestic auctions, so I think this is actually the same as Hong Kong auctions. Some of its characteristics in the market may have similarities.

  Reporter Fan Siyi reports from Hong Kong

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]