The invasion of privacy against non-celebrities of the YouTube channel 'Garosero Research Institute' is going beyond the limit. Recently, the Garosero Research Institute released photos and personal information, raising suspicions that the husband of actress Choi Ji-woo worked in an entertainment establishment in the past.

The 'Garosero Research Institute' is run by Yong-seok Kang, a former lawyer, and Se-eui Kim, a former MBC reporter. It mainly deals with issues such as politics and society, but also mentions various issues related to celebrities.

Recently, the Garosero Research Institute raised suspicions, saying, "Han Ye-seul was 'constructed' for a foreign vehicle worth 500 million won by her boyfriend, a former host." Starting with Han Ye-seul, he mentioned celebrities such as Cha Ye-ryun, Han Ga-in, Choi Ji-woo, and Ko So-young in turn, and decided that they were 'karaoke friends'.

Garosero Research Institute did not stop there, saying that Choi Ji-woo's husband was also a host of an entertainment establishment, and released some photos and personal information. Choi Ji-woo got married in 2018 and started a family, and has had a daughter last year. Furthermore, the Garosero Research Institute raised suspicions of an affair, saying, "The picture of Ji-woo Choi's husband entering a motel in the car that Ji-woo Choi bought was taken."

Although it is a problem to convey the identity of a non-celebrity and the unconfirmed suspicion of an affair, the method of delivery of the Garosero Research Institute that conveys it as if it is an exciting drama plot has also sparked controversy.

In the broadcast, Kim Yong-ho said, "I heard that Choi Ji-woo's husband was photographed entering the motel," and Kang Yong-seok responded, "Maybe he went to a meeting with a company employee", "or did you go to exercise?" Kim Yong-ho jokingly raised suspicions, saying, "No, is it Choi Ji-woo's husband?"

The reason Garosero Research Institute is criticized is that it has no right to disclose the affair of a non-celebrity man whose identity, past, and even the facts have not been properly confirmed because he married a famous celebrity.

Kang Yong-seok, a lawyer and former member of the National Assembly, cannot overlook this point with ignorance. In addition, if we look at the case of Kang Yong-seok filing a claim for damages against the media for the alleged affair with him in the past, the appearance of him referring to the unidentified motel photo of Choi Ji-woo's husband is seen as a contradiction itself.

Previously, the Garosero Research Institute raised suspicions related to the private lives of various celebrities and businessmen, including Han Ye-seul. There were some things that turned out to be double facts and some that weren't.

It is also known that many of the celebrities who were exposed to the provocative content directly asked the Garosero Research Institute not to comment further, leaving the facts behind.

Han Ye-seul, who has been exposed to fatal revelations such as her boyfriend's past, rumors related to heterosexual relationships, and rumors of a room salon in Los Angeles, said this to the Garosero Research Institute.

"I don't know what is the difference between the acts that everyone is shocked by and school violence. Isn't it social violence. What's the difference between trampling on people and trying to kill them? Physical violence is not only violence. I don't know how this is socially acceptable."

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)