China News Service, Beijing, June 10 (Reporter Chen Su) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Emergency Management of China on the 10th that the Ministry of Emergency Management has sent a working group to guide the rescue and disposal of the Dahongcai Iron Mine in Daixian County, Shanxi.

  On the morning of the 10th, a water penetration accident occurred in the inclined shaft No. 4 of Dahongcai Iron Mine, Dai County, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province, and 13 people were trapped underground.

After receiving the report, Huang Ming, the head of China's emergency management department, immediately rushed to the command center of the Ministry, video dispatching to guide rescue and disposal work, requesting that the number of trapped people be verified as soon as possible, and rescues should be organized scientifically to prevent secondary accidents.

  The Ministry of Emergency Management has assigned a deputy director of the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau to lead a working group and experts to the scene to guide rescue operations.

At the same time, the National Mine Emergency Rescue Team, Datong Special Exploration Team, and Shanxi Coalfield Geology Team 115 were immediately mobilized to carry engineering rescue vehicles, equipment vehicles, water pumps, drilling rigs, and high-pressure drainage hoses to the scene to participate in the rescue.

  After the incident, the local emergency response mechanism was activated and the organization organized the force to carry out rescue efforts.

The Emergency Management Department of Shanxi Province quickly mobilized the Tongmei Rescue Team and Yangmei Rescue Team to the scene for reinforcements.