Two and a half weeks after the cable car accident in Italy with 14 dead, the only survivor, a five-year-old boy, left the hospital.

The boy's state of health has "improved a lot," said the treating children's hospital in Turin on Thursday.

He was therefore released and returned with his aunt to the northern Italian city of Pavia, where he lived with his Israeli parents.

In the cable car accident on Lake Maggiore, the boy's parents, his little brother and his great-grandparents died on Whitsunday.

Her cable car cabin crashed shortly before reaching the summit station on Mount Mottarone after a cable car broke.

14 of the 15 inmates died.

Only the five-year-old boy survived seriously injured.

After the accident, the police arrested three employees of the cable car operator, but released two.

The company's chief technician is currently under house arrest.

According to the investigations, the safety braking system of the cable car had apparently been switched off on purpose in order to avoid a downtime due to technical problems after the month-long closure due to the corona pandemic.