People who oppose the bill to regulate the use of land around facilities that are important for security, such as SDF bases and nuclear power plants, hold a rally in Tokyo and "collect personal information and monitor residents. Is very problematic with the bill in question. "

The bill regulates the use of land around bases and facilities that are considered to be important for security, such as bases and nuclear power plants, in response to concerns about foreign capital purchasing land around bases of the Self-Defense Forces and remote islands on the border. It allows the government to investigate land owners and stakeholders and is under deliberation in parliament.

A civic group opposed to the enactment of this bill held a rally in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo on the 10th, limiting the number of participants to prevent the spread of infection and 50 people participated.

In this, Yuichi Kaido pointed out that the fact that the function of the base is hindered by the purchase of land by foreign capital has not been confirmed so far, and "actually, personal information is collected and the residents are monitored. There is a great problem with the bill whose purpose is to make it. "

In addition, Professor Shigeaki Iijima of Nagoya Gakuin University said, "There are many ambiguous points such as what kind of facilities the bill should regulate, and there is a possibility that the scope of investigation will expand not only around the base and the nuclear power plant. I want you to think of it as a problem related to one person. "

In addition, participants from Okinawa Prefecture expressed anxiety, saying, "I think we may even be deprived of the right to protest against the base problem."

Regarding this, National Public Safety Commission Chairman Okonogi explained at the House of Councilors plenary session on the 4th of this month that "there will be no investigation on the grounds of participation in protests and the rights and freedoms of the people will not be unduly violated." I am.