A truck driver stopped the vehicle of an unconscious colleague who had gone off the track on the Berlin city motorway, thus preventing a major accident.

As the police in the capital announced on Thursday, the day before a 55-year-old truck driver left the right lane before an exit, got into the guardrail and scratched it while driving on.

A truck driver of the same age who was driving in the same direction overtook his colleague and, when he looked into the driver's cab, saw that the driver had lost consciousness.

Then, according to the police, he turned his truck to the right and brought both vehicles to a standstill.

The driver of a small car also stopped in front of the stopped truck in order to prevent a possible further journey.

When the helping truck driver went to his unconscious colleague in the driver's cab to provide first aid, the vehicle started moving again and crashed into the small car.

The truck came to a stop again when the helping truck driver managed to pull the handbrake. Together with other witnesses, the unconscious man was recovered. An ambulance took him to a hospital. The affected motorway exit was closed for almost half an hour.