Kinki University plans to dispatch doctors and nurses in charge of inoculation from the medical school and affiliated hospitals to start inoculation to students from the 21st of this month.

The university is in a hurry to prepare before the start of vaccination.

The venue will be set up in a gymnasium on campus in Higashi-Osaka City, and the scale of inoculation is up to 3,000 people a day, and about 28,000 students, faculty and staff will be inoculated by August before the start of summer vacation. It's a plan.

We are considering accepting reservations all at once without setting priorities for inoculation of students, and we will manage the venue in cooperation with private companies.

Now, what the university is worried about is the secret measures at the venue.

Since a maximum of 3000 people visit each day, we are considering the layout such as securing the flow line as well as the reception method.

At the university, many classes are currently held remotely, and we hope to resume face-to-face classes by inoculating students.

A first-year male student said, "If we have enough vaccine to give, I think we should give priority to the elderly, but if we can hit it, we want to hit it early and give a face-to-face lesson." I did.

In addition, a second-year female student said, "I would like you to consider the side reactions of the vaccine when considering the schedule of classes and tests."

Mamoru Yoshihara, Chief of the General Affairs Division of Kinki University, said, "Because there are major restrictions not only on studying, but also on sports activities and interaction between students, I would like to complete the inoculation as soon as possible and aim for an environment without restrictions." It was.