Kawasaki City announced that it is highly likely that six people were vaccinated with a lower concentration than usual in the mass inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine on the 10th.

According to Kawasaki City, on the 10th, in a mass vaccination conducted at the Asao Civic Center in Asao Ward, after vaccination of 145 people by the lunch break, it was confirmed that 6 vaccines were left over. I did.

As a result of the city's investigation, it is possible that after transferring the vaccine diluted with saline from the container to the syringe, the person in charge accidentally put the saline in the same container again and hit the low-concentration vaccine on 6 people. It means that it is expensive.

These six people have not been identified.

According to the city, there is no possibility of health damage if a low-concentration vaccine is given, but the city has contacted all 145 people for the second time because there is a risk of not having enough antibodies. I will do an antibody test after receiving the vaccination.

According to the city, vaccines before and after dilution were mixed on the tray at the venue, so we will try to prevent recurrence by dividing the storage location in the future.