• Could France soon adopt measures detrimental to freedoms to ensure proper compliance with health measures against Covid-19?

  • This is what some Internet users fear, citing a Senate report on the subject.

  • If this document is authentic, it has no legislative value and is a matter of prospecting, as one of its co-authors explains.

"While we are talking about the slap [received by Emmanuel Macron] the Senate is proposing a system to deactivate your tickets or BANK ACCOUNT if you ignore your quarantine", "ALERT, the Senate is proposing a system to deactivate your tickets or BANK ACCOUNT if you ignore your quarantine ”…

On Facebook as on Twitter, several Internet users relay the same concern about liberticidal measures that are being discussed in the Senate.

With, in support, an article of Public Senate of June 3, 2021 and entitled "Covid-19: a report of the Senate recommends the collection of personal data to prevent health crises".

While we are talking about the #slap



offers a system to deactivate your tickets or BANK ACCOUNT if you ignore your #quarantine.

This joins Catherine Fitts' video on a total control system via the # Covid crisis..⬇️ https://t.co/Cby5CvUYWZ

- Momotchi (@momotchiii) June 8, 2021

"The work of the members [of the Senate] aims to anticipate the occurrence of new health crises, by making more intensive use of digital tools," by assuming if necessary more intrusive measures, but also more targeted and limited in time ", [according to ] the rapporteurs René-Paul Savary, Véronique Guillotin and Christine Lavarde ”, this article tells us.

Before detailing, a little further on, the concept of digital “toolbox” defended by these three members of the senatorial delegation for prospective studies, which would make it possible, in times of health crisis, to mix different digital data currently distinct (“such as All Anti Covid, Ouisncf, Waze ”) in order to adopt drastic measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

"The rapporteurs thus imagine several scenarios depending on the scale of the epidemic: information and coordination tools in the face of a" moderate "crisis, call-to-order tools (such as sending an SMS) in the event of more serious situation, and stronger measures for extreme cases, with for example the deactivation of the transport ticket or the bank accounts of a person who violates the quarantine ”, details the article of Public Senate.


The report of the Senate Delegation for Foresight, whose role is to "reflect on the transformations of society and the economy with a view to informing the Senate", is fully available online.

These 147 pages provide a photograph of the various digital measures adopted in the world (in particular in Asia) in the face of Covid-19 while criticizing the measures adopted in France since spring 2020.

The document focuses in particular on the Chinese strategy which "unambiguously favored the fight against the health threat over the protection of individual freedoms, in particular the freedom to come and go and to have a private life. .

"While acknowledging that" the Chinese model is obviously not transposable to Western countries ", the senatorial delegation for prospective notes that this strategy is" a great success in terms of health, with officially 4,846 deaths for 1.4 billion inhabitants, or 3 deaths per million inhabitants, when France alone has more than 100,000 deaths, or 1,633 deaths per million inhabitants.


"We knew that this report was going to generate strong criticism"

“Poland has set up an app for people in quarantine. They could receive an unexpected SMS, which gave them 20 minutes to send a selfie to the police, which then checked that it was the right person and that it was in the right place, ”says again the report, citing other examples of particularly intrusive measures, in Israel or in Russia, which "would not have been legal in France" unlike "the less intrusive tools [which] were largely ineffective . "

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, the senator (LR) of Hauts-de-Seine Christine Lavarde, co-author of the report, indicates: “From the start, we knew that this report would arouse strong criticism.

I understand that it can be offensive because it goes completely against the grain of what has been done in the context of the Covid crisis in France.

But we have chosen to be exhaustive, and to argue it with examples.

There was a fairly extensive hearing and analysis work, we checked the feasibility of all our technical recommendations with the operators managing this personal data ”.

Electronic bracelet in quarantine, control of transactions ...

The report thus lists a whole battery of "the most effective tools, but also the most detrimental to freedoms", including "movement control (electronic bracelet to control compliance with quarantine, deactivation of the pass for public transport , automatic detection of the license plate by radars […]) ”or“ the control of transactions, for example making it possible to impose an automatic fine, to detect a purchase of a medical nature (which could suggest either contamination or an act of contraband in times of shortage) ”.

For the authors of this document, “using data in an intrusive and derogatory manner” would be justified by the purpose of such measures as by their limitation to a small number of people rather than the whole country: “Only those diagnosed positive, i.e. less than 0.1% of the population at the end of May 2021, [would] be subject to isolation measures, […] closely controlled (by direct geolocation for example) and severely punished (by a fine levied automatically , for example).


"Nothing could be decided without the consent of the citizens and a vote"

Christine Lavarde brings an important clarification to

20 Minutes 

: “Within the Forward-looking Delegation, we are thinking about different subjects aiming to imagine what society could be (robotics, new mobilities…) but not from a legislative angle, nor on what makes the topicality of the debates in the Senate. Nothing could be decided without first having the consent of the citizens from the start and a legislative vote. And citizens could check the progress of the process at any stage. "

“What we are trying to convey through this report is that on a daily basis, everyone abandons this personal data, if only by browsing on their smartphone.

During the confinements, we did not cede our data but we were deprived of freedom of movement: by ceding this data in a very restricted framework, we could regain these freedoms of movement ”, concludes the senator about this work of prospecting.


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