• Part 2 of the highly anticipated



    will be available on Netflix this Friday.

  • A first for a French Netflix series, the launch had the honors of a “global international press conference” in English.

  • Ludivine Sagnier, Omar Sy and George Kay answered many questions from foreign journalists.

  • How did


    become a worldwide phenomenon?

If the British have James Bond, the French now have “ 


 ! Unprecedented success for a French fiction, Part I was seen by 76 million households around the world, becoming one of Netflix's biggest hits. On the occasion of the release of Part II this Friday, how did the



finally place France on the world series map?

For the launch of Part II,


had the honor of a “world international press conference” in English, which

20 Minutes


A first for a French Netflix series.

Proof of the global interest, Omar Sy, Ludivine Sagnier and George Kay, the creator of the show, answered questions from Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Colombia, Poland or even from Israel.

"Netflix is ​​the series Olympics"

Asked about this success, Ludivine Sagnier explains: “I had the feeling that it would work very well in France because Omar is very popular and popular, but I did not expect it to be broadcast around the world… I discovered this late. 76 million! I still can't believe these numbers! "When we do a series, we always hope that people see it and like it, but we can not expect something so massive," continues Omar Sy.

And to add: “Netflix, these are the Olympic Games of the series.

We were under the French banner, we wanted to do something cool and which represents France well ”.

Bet succeeded with a silver medal for this rereading of the work of Maurice Leblanc, preceded by the juggernaut

La Chronique des Bridgerton

, seen by 82 million households.

"Come for the heist, stay for the superb Parisian scenery"

In the United States, Lupine became the first French series to enter the Top 10, recalls Forbes, stressing that the show "appeals to a large audience of all ages and both sexes".

For the Briton George Kay, the foreign public dreams of “coming to Paris”.

“When you live in France, you can forget it, but if you are not from here and you come.

You find the place wonderful.


Lupin's “incredible sets” won over foreign critics.

In her article “Reasons to watch Lupine on Netflix”, Buzzfeed journalist Jen Abidor explains: “Come for the heist, stay for the superb Parisian settings”.

And to develop: “A burglary?


A burglary at the Louvre which is very close to the glass pyramid of the Louvre?



“We see corners of Paris that we are not used to seeing, like the bridge where Claire announces to Omar that she is pregnant.

We show a contemporary and realistic Paris, not a postcard.

This plays on the attraction for the foreign public ”, analyzes Ludivine Sagnier.

An attraction reinforced by the fact that the series is "dubbed in 15 languages ​​and subtitled in 30 languages", recalls Omar Sy.

"Can Lupin's success be a game-changer in terms of diversity?"

Lupin's inclusive and social dimension was also appreciated.

“A lot of foreigners find it really interesting to show this face of France that we don't see often,” notes Omar Sy.

“Can Lupin's success be a game-changer in terms of diversity and representation in French fiction?

», Asks a Belgian media.

"I hope so," replies Omar Sy.

"This guy loves fashion"

“A lot of people associate fashion with France,” says a Colombian journalist. Seen from elsewhere,


has become a powerful influencer who has skyrocketed sales of Air Jordan sneakers. "This guy loves fashion, has a flashy style, focuses on trends, like sneakers," continues the Colombian. “Lupine has a very specific style with the hat, the monocle and the cape. Our Lupine is a superhero, played by a simple modern guy. We wanted to keep the cape, that's why he wears a long coat, ”explains Omar Sy. And to add: "What could he have as a hat today? This is how the beret came about, and for the modern side, the sneakers ”.

Foreign media are finally interested in Arsène Lupine's books.

"Have you given them to your children to read?

Asks an Indonesian journalist.

And Ludivine Sagnier to explain that she read aloud to them during confinement: “They have become completely obsessed with Lupin's stories.

Moreover, the series caused a stock shortage in French bookstores, ”she explains.

This success put France on the global series map, and like the actress' children, the whole world has become obsessed with




"Lupine": "We did not build our alchemy, it imposed itself", confides Ludivine Sagnier


"" Lupine "heralds a change that is going in the right direction," says Omar Sy

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