Johan Derksen does not mind that the players of the Dutch national team


the programs

Veronica Inside


De Oranjezomer


The football analyst even hopes they can keep it up as long as he's still on television.

"I hope they continue that boycott until my contract expires," Derksen said on Thursday in the NPO Radio 1 program

1 on 1


According to him, the public is not missing anything.

"I see those press conferences after those games and then those players come into the picture and there is not one who has anything meaningful to say."

"They are just murmuring or they can't say five words in a row or they are being brainwashed by the one who provides media training," Derksen continues.

"I don't feel the need to communicate with any footballer because there is not one who puts forward an interesting point of view."

The players of the Dutch national team have been boycotting the football program since last year. The reason was Derksen's comparison of rapper Akwasi with Zwarte Piet. He did this during a broadcast of

Veronica Inside

in the spring of 2020.