• "" WARNING SIGN ON PROTECTION CONFERRED by vaccination "in the very old person in EHPAD.

    Clusters have occurred in around thirty establishments out of around 7,000 in France, ”warns on Twitter the former Inserm researcher Alexandra Henrion-Caude.

  • In doing so, she cites a note from the Vaccine Strategy Orientation Council (COSV) of May 7, relating cases of clusters in some nursing homes, despite vaccination.

  • Even if it means mistakenly suggesting that vaccines would be ineffective in the elderly - while their effectiveness against contamination is not 100%, but very important in terms of protection against serious forms of Covid-19.

Does the anti-Covid-19 vaccination in nursing homes really make sense?

This is, in essence, the question raised by Alexandra Henrion-Caude, a former Inserm researcher, in a tweet of June 6, 2021.

"" WARNING SIGN ON PROTECTION CONFERRED by vaccination "in the very old person in EHPAD.

Clusters have occurred in around thirty establishments out of around 7,000 in France, ”she said, sharing an extract from a note of May 7, 2021 drafted by the Council for the Vaccine Strategy (COSV). 

"WARNING SIGN ON THE PROTECTION CONFERRED by vaccination" in the very old person in EHPAD❗️

👉Clusters have occurred in around 30 establishments out of around 7000 in France

Reminder: the case of the deans, tweet @CaudeHenrion

of February 5 2021https: //t.co/xXxhCD9wqQ pic.twitter.com/mIQISKsgp6

- Alexandra Henrion-Caude (@CaudeHenrion) June 6, 2021

This document on “vaccine effectiveness and vaccine coverage for the elderly”, in the paragraphs highlighted by Alexandra Henrion-Caude, mentions cases of Covid-19 contamination in nursing homes.

"The vaccination coverage in nursing homes is very high, [...] nevertheless, for several weeks, we have observed Covid-19 clusters in nursing homes where the population has been vaccinated.

[...] A study carried out in Montpellier shows that the vaccination of people in Ehpad makes it possible to reduce the severity of the cases of Covid-19 but does not prevent the infection and the occurrence of clusters.

A Danish study in real life has moreover demonstrated a vaccine efficacy of 64% only in nursing homes ”, we can read there.

The document finally cites another study, carried out on 27 clusters between March and April 2021, showing that "the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine in nursing home residents would be 35% for the prevention of infection, 59% for the prevention severe forms, and 75% for the prevention of death.



If this note is authentic, like the studies cited, Alexandra Henrion-Caude is careful not to quote the paragraphs following this passage, which explain why the elderly are more at risk of being infected despite vaccination.

"This warning signal does not call for immediate intervention but raises the question of administering a third dose of vaccine to elderly people residing in EHPAD, who are" immuno-senescent "[...] The quantity of neutralizing antibodies products after vaccination decrease with age.

It is not guaranteed that the administration of a third dose will confer a protective immunity equivalent to that obtained in immunocompetent subjects ”, they thus detail.

An 87% reduction in the risk of severe forms in the elderly 

In addition, although vaccination protects against serious forms of disease and death, it does not guarantee total protection against contamination, as Public Health France reminded AFP Factuel at the beginning of May: “Insofar as vaccines do not are not 100% effective, it is expected that there will be cases in people who have been vaccinated.


The first data from the French vaccination campaign among the elderly, made public at the end of May, however, show the high effectiveness of vaccines against severe forms of Covid-19 in this specific population, with "a reduction in risk estimated at 87% [...] among the first people vaccinated, aged 75 and over.


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, the COSV stresses that the rates of 59% prevention against serious forms and 75% for the prevention of deaths mentioned in its note of May 7 "are not data in the general population".

"Numerous real-life data in the general population have been published and have better results (100% prevention of death and up to 90% prevention of infection," adds the COSV.


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