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The coronavirus data this Thursday breaks the trend of the previous days, although it is due more to a data update than to a drastic increase in infections and deaths in recent days.

According to figures released by Health,

in the last 24 hours 133 new deaths from Covid-19 have been reported

compared to 23 in the previous update and 50 a week ago. Official statistics already collect 80,465 deaths with a confirmed diagnosis since the pandemic reached our country. 117 of these deaths have occurred in the last seven days.

Health also notifies

14,004 new coronavirus infections, compared to 4,427 on Wednesday

and 5,250 last Thursday.

But in this section it states that Catalonia has updated its database incorporating 9,381 cases with a diagnosis date between January 1 and June 6 that had not been previously notified.

The increase in mortality is also centered in that same community, which from Wednesday to Thursday adds 84 deaths without varying those registered in the last seven days, which remain at six.

The total number of infected with a confirmed diagnosis since the winter of 2020 adds up to 3,729,458 people.

As has been happening in recent weeks, the accumulated incidence of the coronavirus has decreased very slightly, which stands at

110.35 cases per 100,000 inhabitants throughout the national territory during the last 14 days


On Wednesday it was at 111.91 and last Thursday it was at 118.29.

The same seven-day indicator, which usually anticipates trend changes, continues its decline.

On Wednesday it was 49.64 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and this Thursday it marks 47.58.

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