Because of the measures to prevent “Corona” and the multiple options

Readers who prefer to spend their summer holidays in the UAE: here is safer and safer

Domestic tourism is a safe option in the time of “Corona” for many readers.


Readers considered that spending the summer vacation inside the UAE is safer than traveling on foreign tourist trips, expressing at the same time their hope to reduce the prices of accommodation in hotels, resorts and tourist areas across the country, due to their apparent rise, or at least provide special offers for residents in The state to encourage them to domestic tourism.

The answers of the readers of "Emirates Today", who participated in the survey, which the journalist published on her social media platforms, revealed a question: "In light of the easing of (Corona) restrictions... do you tend to travel for the summer vacation or do you prefer tourism and internal activities?" The most prominent destination that they wish to visit is their home countries, and their desire to see family and family came at the forefront of the reasons for travel.

here is better

The largest segment of readers preferred domestic tourism in the Emirates for various reasons, foremost of which is the feeling of safety, in light of the state's unremitting and distinguished efforts to implement measures to prevent the spread of "Covid-19", and the commitment of entertainment institutions, resorts and hotels in them to implement all prevention and safety measures, By the superiority of the health system.

It is noteworthy that some participants from outside the country expressed their choice of the UAE as a travel destination that they hope to visit and spend their vacation there.

While others attributed their preference for domestic tourism to the multiplicity of places worth visiting in the Emirates and suiting different tastes, such as historical and family sites, beaches, open gardens and covered places, in addition to its global entertainment facilities suitable for adults and children alike, and among them is the reader Zainab Mahmoud, who said "The internal activities in the country are better than any other country. May God preserve the Emirates."

From Dubai to Fujairah

Reader Rasha Hossam El Din considered: "Internal tourism and enjoying high-end areas and five-star services is the best choice for me and my family. Last year, we spent the most beautiful vacation, during which we moved between the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai and the Emirate of Fujairah, and other places that announced exclusive offers for residents of the country."

Reader Khaled Al-Balushi also indicated his preference for spending the summer vacation between the house and the farm, and to enjoy the family atmosphere in safety and security.

Reader Fatima saw that "the best way to spend the summer vacation, under these circumstances, is to stay at home away from the heat of the weather, and enjoy watching the diverse content offered by digital display platforms," ​​adding: "Eat, sleep, and another and people."

While the reader’s answer to Layal reflected some concern about the “Corona” pandemic, as she preferred not to travel outside the country until the end of the year, calling for this year to witness the disappearance of the epidemic and its repercussions and the return to normal life all over the world, so that people can restore their lives and engage in various activities.

high prices

A number of participants in the survey expressed their desire to take domestic tourist trips, but the high prices stand in the way, expressing their hope to provide discounted tourism programs for residents in the country, and among them is Ismail Homani, who said: “We stay in the UAE on the condition that prices are not raised. ».

The reader, Huda Al-Amiri, said: "I wish to take domestic tourist trips, but unfortunately they cost more than traveling abroad, as there are offers for tourism abroad that are much cheaper than inside."

Reader Suleiman agreed with this opinion in his answer, saying: "Surely, I travel and without an air...I have to book a hotel for me, because the country is more expensive than a trip."

The answer of the reader (Umm Jouri), rejecting the two suggestions, preferring to stay at home: “Neither this nor that are sitting in our homes, the last of us is Shatt al-Bahr.. The important thing is health and peace of mind.”

In his answer, the reader, Amir Helou, addressed the impact of the pandemic on the economic sector, and the income of families, which is barely enough to pay the rent of housing, school fees and the basic requirements of the family, and therefore there is no longer a surplus for travel.


On the other hand, a part of the participants expressed their aspiration to travel outside the country, some of them out of love for travel and foreign tourism and the desire to change the atmosphere, while the largest segment of those wishing to travel tended to visit their families, including the reader Sultan who wrote: “Two years imprisoned because of (Corona), We missed the parents, and it is our duty to visit them.. Other than that, what came out of the Emirates is everything that is safe and secure.”

Likewise, the reader Didi, who said: “Traveling is certain to visit parents and check on them.”

As for the reader, Lola Al-Yafei, she indicated her desire to travel and her willingness to receive the vaccine against the emerging “Corona” virus.

While the reader Mahitab expressed her desire to travel, but at the same time her concern about visiting countries where adequate preventive measures are not available, saying: “The best travel for sure, but for specific countries that are on a list that the UAE puts in place based on the level of prevention measures, maintaining public health and organization, It is guaranteed that we will return to the state if, God forbid, any emergency circumstances occur.”

not ready

A YouGov survey revealed that 27% of the UAE population associates travel with treatment for “Covid-19”, and women made up the largest proportion of those holding this opinion, compared to men (32% compared to 25%).

The survey also indicated that among those wishing to travel, nearly a quarter (24%) would like to spend the vacation in the same country in which they reside, or to go on short trips within the country, on the other hand, one in six (ie 16 percent) would like to %) on vacation in the home country for a week or more.

Rasha Hossam El Din: “Internal tourism and enjoying five-star services is the best choice for me and my family.”

Khaled Al Balushi: “I prefer to spend the summer vacation between the house and the farm, and enjoy a family atmosphere in safety and security.”

Huda Al-Amri: “I would like to take domestic trips, but unfortunately they cost more than traveling abroad.”

• Diversity of places and sites worth visiting in the Emirates to suit different tastes.

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