Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ask Queen Elizabeth II for permission before giving their daughter the monarch nickname?

This issue is at the heart of a conflict between the Sussexes and the BBC.

Because contrary to what the royal couple affirms, the British broadcaster affirmed, via its royal correspondent, who quoted "a source close to the palace", that the Queen of England would have "never been consulted" on the question.

An assertion which inevitably provoked the wrath of the detractors of the Sussexes who saw in it a new offense against the queen.

The statement angered Elizabeth II's grandson, as the couple's lawyers immediately sent the media a warning.

"The article is false and defamatory and the allegations it contains should not be repeated," read a statement from the


, relayed by



Word war

A spokesperson for the Sussexes had however assured that things had been done in order and that Elizabeth II had been informed of the choices of Harry and Meghan's first name.

“The Duke spoke with his family before the announcement - in fact, his grandmother was the first family member he called.

During this conversation, he shared their hope of naming their daughter Lilibet in her honor.

If she hadn't supported them, they wouldn't have used that name, ”he explained.

This new crisis between the BBC and Prince Harry comes as the youngest of Prince Charles recently accused the broadcaster of having contributed, indirectly, to the death of his mother Lady Diana.

In 1995, journalist Martin Bashir used questionable methods to secure an interview with the Princess of Wales.

Lady Di died two years later in a car accident in Paris.


Harry and William react to investigation into 1995 BBC interview with Lady Diana

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