The title 20 Minutes changes its rate of publication, going from four days of broadcasting to three.

The free newspaper will be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Inside, the formula is redesigned with environmental subjects, a relaxation page and a new graphic identity. 

Health crisis obliges, the free newspaper

20 Minutes

is reinventing itself.

The hard copy will only be distributed three days a week, instead of four so far.

It will thus be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday "for a revised reading proposal", specifies the media's website.

At the same time, continuous information can be viewed on all digital media of the title.

This decision is the direct consequence of the health crisis, which caused the newspaper's turnover to fall: -38% last year.


Find the media newspapers every morning at 9:10 am on Europe 1 as well as in replay and podcast here

New graphic identity

To try to go up the slope, and beyond this reduced distribution,

20 Minutes is

also launching a new formula, with more "environment" subjects, a relaxation page and a new graphic identity.

But ensures to keep his tone "precise, sometimes sassy and offbeat".

A form is available to readers on the title's website for direct feedback.

The newspaper is also putting even more emphasis on digital, with video and podcasts.

The title also intends to overhaul its site next year.